What is the dream about the little pigs?

Interpretations of sleep, in which piglets are present, seem to be contradictory. Large adult pigs can symbolize the future prosperity and the presence of a great sense of humor, and can personify people with whom it is unpleasant to deal with. So, the approach to the interpretation of this dream should be versatile.

Small Veles dream

Pig dreams of success and guests in the house. She is also seen to trouble, theft and false accusation. If the animal is painted white - it is to death, in black - to the disease. To score cattle in a dream - to have extra trouble in reality.

Russian people's dream book

An adult pig can symbolize human stupidity, arrogance and negligence. Piggy lying in a muddy puddle, dreams, if about you spread various rumors and gossip. A pig that undermines the roots of a tree means meeting a person who is capable of delivering a lot of trouble.

Dream Aesop

In folk proverbs and sayings, it is noticeable that an animal like a pig does not cause positive emotions. Especially you need to be careful if she dreamed with the piglet following her.This means that there is someone who, by cunning and arrogance, wants to get the privileges that were previously available to you.

Dream for the whole family

A woman does not always dream of a pig for good, more often for something unpleasant. If the pig at the same time runs from side to side, it's time for you to think that it’s better not to tell some things to your husband and children. A dream on the night from Monday to Tuesday suggests that you should not use your official position to achieve benefits.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Feed the pigs in a dream - in reality meet their detractors. To iron an animal is to entertain the vanity of other people. When the girl suddenly saw a hog, she was waiting for the proposal of marriage in real life. Some people are interested in the question of what little pigs dream about. It speaks of small worries and empty vanity.

Freund's Dream

A merry dream, where you ride a pig, may indicate a pleasant and unusual spending free time. Dirty pig means that intimate relationships between people lack purity and sincerity. Anyone who dreams of this, is constantly faced with the arrogance of a partner.

Ukrainian dream book

Sometimes it is worth thinking about what dreams of pigs and piglets? If the pig with the cubs comes out of the gate, then someone from the family members is dishonest towards you. If a pig, on the contrary, enters the gate, this indicates the appearance of a nearby unkind person.