Ways to combat heartburn

To quickly eliminate heartburn, you can put a little salt on the tongue or drink a teaspoon of any vegetable oil. If you have raw potatoes on hand, you can also use it as a way of saving you from unpleasant sensations. To do this, rub on a fine grater half a tuber and collect the resulting liquid. It is enough to take just one teaspoon of potato juice to calm the heartburn.
Mint candy is better to replace dried fruit or fresh bananas. The components contained in these products have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and quickly relieve the burning sensation.
If heartburn occurred unexpectedly and you do not have a single product to combat it, try to just drink one glass of clean cool water. Pay attention to the fact that doing it better standing. Otherwise, the gastric acid will mix with the liquid and rapidly spread, which will increase discomfort and belching.
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Cause of heartburn can be not only inappropriate for your body food, but also bad habits, constant stressful situations, depression. Often, a burning sensation in the stomach occurs during toxicosis. Not excluded in this case, and diseases of the digestive system. If heartburn attacks begin to bother you regularly, be sure to pass an examination by specialists.