Water cooling system.

Agree, the temperature is 66 ° C for Athlone 1000 MHz (do not laugh, my principle is that the main thing is not iron, but what surrounds it) at rest , and at 100% load 75 ° C, a bit too much ... Therefore, this unit was born.
This NWO was originally conceived as external - put it in a corner and let it stand there, and only two hoses fit the computer, in my opinion opinion and ideas for the future, the system unit can be stuffed with something else, for example - neon lights, UV lights, beautiful round loops glowing in the UV, etc. Unfortunately, the drawings of some elements have not been preserved, and they are not needed - everyone does everything for themselves, starting from the materials that are available. The main principle.
Components for CBO
Pump - Atman-103, sold in any pet store. It is installed inside the expansion tank on the wall using suction cups.