Viral video of the week: giving birth in a Chewbacca mask

You can't surprise anyone at this time of filming births, but Katie Striker Curtis from Detroit succeeded. She gave birth to her daughter ... in the mask of Chewbacca. The video, in which Katie strains during the fights and makes the same sounds as the famous shaggy character from Star Wars (practically reproduces the hoarse roar of the Wookie saga), instantly went online. At the moment, the video has collected an incredible 700 thousand views, 3 thousand likes and 2 thousand comments. And let not everyone reacted to the birth in a mask with humor and appreciated the self-irony of the woman in labor, the joker does not bother: “Just because I'm about to become a mother does not mean that I should immediately grow up. Do not take life too seriously. And this is my best Christmas gift, which I could only dream of. "