Top 10 outstanding books of the XXI century

There are books that immediately become popular and are remembered by readers forever. And which of them have already managed to go down in the history of the 21st century?

Top 10 best books of the XXI century:

  1. "The Road", Comrak McCarthy. The story seems simple, but nevertheless it has become one of the most legendary. In general, all the works of this author have a special point of view on what is happening. All things and events are described extremely real, with all the flaws, without a share of romance and adulation. In the center of events father and his little son. They are trying to cross the territory of the former United States of America after a global catastrophe that killed millions and changed the world. On the way, the main characters face difficulties that will knock anyone out of a rut. And the author permeates his narrative with direct and soul-hurting questions. Where to go? How to live on? What will happen tomorrow? Does it make sense to fight and live? The world has become different, the boundaries between evil and good have blurred, and simple life principles and moral norms have become meaningless.Will the father and son be able to find the truth and find the meaning of life?
  2. «2666»- this is a book published after the death of the authorRoberto Bolanohis heirs. He himself wanted to publish five separate books to ensure a comfortable life for his children. But fate decreed otherwise, and a novel was published, which, however, amazed and surprised many. The first part tells about four people, mysteriously connected by love to one writer, who did not receive a single award and never appeared before the fans. The second part is the history of the Chilean professor of philosophy, who wanted to escape from the dictatorship of his state and traveled half the world. The third part is about a New York journalist who is forced to travel to a distant city to describe the death that occurred during the boxing match. The fourth part - the history of crimes occurring in one place. The fifth part tells about a mysterious writer, who is honored by the heroes of the first part. All stories are united by the fact that the characters are in the city of Santa Teresa.
  3. Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell. This is a unique story in which several different time periods and destinies are intertwined, connected with each other by an invisible, but very strong thread.In the book, as if layering on each other, six completely different and seemingly independent from each other voices are suppressed: a young composer who in the period between world wars is forced to trade not only with his body, but also with his soul, a notary living in the middle of the 19th century, a California journalist who discovered in the 1970s the conspiracy of a large corporation, a small modern publisher hiding from creditors, a clone girl working as a servant in the ultra-modern Korean fast food company and goats living the last years at the end of an era of civilization.
  4. Redemption, Ian McEwen. At first glance this story seems simple and uncomplicated, but the author raises such important topics as guilt awareness, rethinking and attempts at atonement. A little girl interprets events with her sister from her point of view and commits a fatal mistake. She blames the innocent beloved of her sister and destroys two destinies at once. A series of events occurring one after another, it would seem, finally, ended. But the past can influence the future.Unfortunately, the heroine realizes the guilt too late, although she does everything to redeem her. She changes the fate of the characters and tries to correct the mistakes made by stupidity. Will she be able to change the past, future and present?
  5. "Oscar Wow's Short Fantastic Life," by Juno Diaz. The main character Oscar lives in a ghetto in New Jersey, loves science fiction and comics, wants to become a famous writer and dreams of meeting love. He is very kind, but very obese, because of which he suffers greatly. Spoils the life of the hero and the Dominican curse fuku, which does not let the Oscar family for three generations in a row. Relatives are pursued by failures, tragic accidents and failures in their personal lives. Oscar's mom suffered from fuku more than others, and her sister tried in vain to avoid the same fate. But the hero decided not only to change his destiny, but also to free his entire family from the spell of the curse. He was ready to fulfill his desire at any cost (from the very young years he dreamed of a first kiss) and meet love. But is it a dream of a teenager?
  6. Amendments, Jonathan Franzen. This book was published at the very beginning of the century, namely in 2001.It would seem that this is a banal family history, but it turned out to be so heartbreaking and at the same time universal that it touched everyone. Everyone who has read this book, saw in it himself and his relatives. The Lambert family, consisting of spouses and their three children, is like any average family. All members love each other and are ready for anything to save the lives of relatives, but at the same time their souls are overshadowed by hatred, which flares up with a new force under the influence of difficulties, work, illness and feelings. Through all this, the rotten and cowardly nature of the heroes breaks out. And a certain basis for the events of a simple family life is the America of the 90s, which seemed outwardly calm, but anticipated the coming serious changes.
  7. "The Adventures of Cavalry and Clay," Michael Chabon. This outstanding book tells the story of two Jewish teenage boys who met during World War II. They have come up with comics and with their hobby that is not quite usual for those times, they are trying to at least slightly change the world around them for the better. The main character of comics fights against evil and saves the innocent.With their fantasies the protagonists are trying to resist evil and help their loved ones, who are kept in prison and are trying to destroy. But is fated to become a reality?
  8. "Middle sex", Jeffrey Eugenides. This is the story of the life of a hermofrodite, piercingly and frankly written in the first person. A descendant who realized that two sexes are living in his body, he is telling the story of his ancestors. The social, political and social events of the 20th century affected the lives of several generations and echoed in the fate of the hero himself, which was predetermined in advance. His story is so frank, honest, and practically naked in front of everyone that will surely touch everyone's heart.
  9. "Gilead", Marilyn Robinson. The events of this book unfold in the small town of Gilead, located in Iowa, in 1956. The novel is a note from the diary of a 76-year-old priest, left by him for his seven-year-old son. This man has seen a lot, he has something to remember, and his life experience is invaluable. The reader will find in the book a series of seemingly unrelated memories, a chain of events, several amazing stories and useful and valuable tips given by a person who has gone through a lot.
  10. "The Kite Runner", Khaled Hosseini. The main characters of Amir and Hassan divided the abyss. One was a lover of books, the other - illiterate. The father of one was successful and beautiful, and the father of the other was a lame beggar. One had an external defect, the other had deep spiritual wounds. One belonged to the lowest caste, the other was an aristocrat. Fate brought them together, but events unfolded against the backdrop of events that were supposed to change the fate of millions. Hassan and Amir are not alike, they have different destinies, but the relationship between them is inexplicable, but very strong.

These were the most outstanding books of the XXI century.

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