To dream of facial hair: interpretation

The dream of facial hair can be interpreted in different ways. But you need to push off from the floor of the person who had a dream.

Dream Dream Thelomena

If a man has a dream about facial hair, this is a good sign. Such a dream speaks of success at work and moving up the career ladder. It can also mean a significant increase in salary or financial gain. After such a dream, a man can expect an increase in his own authority among neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances.

But if a man in a dream shaved his face, it speaks of future troubles and troubles at work.

Dream Dream

To dream of facial hair for a woman is not good. Let him pay attention to his behavior. Most likely, the woman is selfish, behaves too aggressively and wants to rule over all. Sleep warns of troubles with friends and loved ones who expect her if she does not change her behavior.

If the hair on the face was seen by a pregnant woman, this indicates the birth of a son.

A dream in which a girl saw that she had grown a mustache or a beard, warns of trouble. Some events from the past will become known, which I would like to hide from others.