To dream of a dead grandmother alive

People close to us, especially the older generation, always gave wise advice, and those who did not manage to meet them on the mortal earth should listen to their instructions in their dreams. To find out why a grandmother is alive, we offer the following interpretations.

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What dreams of a grandmother alive
What a dream in which you see a dead grandmother alive

Dream Miller

To see a dead grandmother alive in a dream, get ready to face the troubles, it will not be easy to overcome the problems. In order to get out of the situation without loss, listen to the advice of senior and experienced comrades, relatives. Also a dream in which a dead grandmother is alive is a reminder. Visit the grave of departed relatives, mark them, put a candle, pray. Their souls need memory and warm words. Favorite old woman also dreams of a revaluation of values. Soon you will begin to look at life with different eyes, nostalgia will overcome you, pull you to the places where your childhood passed.

People's Dream Book

To dream of a dead grandmother alive - you will do an excellent job for which you will be richly rewarded.To talk with the deceased - a difficult period awaits, there may be problems at work, in business. To overcome the difficulties will have to gather strength, to restore full order in affairs. Also, do not ignore the opinions of experienced people who are ready to help you, not only with wise advice, but also with financial and moral support. Grandmother in dreams appeared sick - take care of your health. Recently, you feel unwell and weak, so you should visit the doctor, adjust the mode of the day, take an active and healthy lifestyle.

Autumn dream

What dreams of a dead grandmother alive - to the acquisition of spiritual values. You strive to be cleansed, to devote life to your loved ones. Also, the dream suggests that it is time to remember the departed relatives and not to forget about those old people who are still alive.

Spring dream book

Be careful of your movements, do not carry large weights, otherwise you will have to consult a doctor with back pain. The figure of the old woman in a dream was vague and vague - your relatives will not leave you in the lurch, expect reinforcements from them.

Children's dream book

Sleeping with your grandmother says that you go to bed on an empty stomach.You should not abandon the normal diet, and excessive fad diets can lead to health problems.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

The deceased grandmother is alive: sleep - feel unwell. To communicate in a dream with your grandmother or grandfather - your intended plans are completely out of place. It should only not dismiss the wise instructions of elders. Great dream, if the meeting with the old woman occurs in the cemetery. Things will go uphill, will gain financial prosperity.