Tip 2: How to turn a brick into a garden decoration - a magic house

Main purpose

First, formulate the requirements that this dwelling must meet. Even if a small garden house should provide you with the necessary comfort and coziness at the time when you will live in it. Its main purpose is the permanent residence of one or two people in the warm season and their periodic presence in early spring and late autumn. In this case, short-term visits in the winter time will also be possible, when one of your household members wants to spend weekends or holidays in nature.
Based on the above, decide on the requirements that should meet this house. By definition, it should be small, so a size of 5x6 or even 4x5 meters should be enough. If possible, under the roof you can make the attic, which will increase its usable area. Do not forget to provide a window there. As a rule, there is no opportunity to connect to the main networks of engineering communications in the garden plots, but it is quite enough if you bring electricity to the house and provide independent water supply.
Water is needed for watering the garden anyway, so a well should be built on the site or a well should be drilled. In this case, install the hydraulic pump and carry out the pipeline to the house is not difficult, all this can be done with your own hands. Do it yourself or with the help of professionals, do internal wiring for 3-4 points: kitchen sink, washbasin, shower and toilet. Yes, it is better to install the toilet in the house and stop using the medieval cesspool, especially since it will not take up much space.Consider that part of the ground floor area will be occupied by a staircase leading to the attic. If space is critical for you, the stairs can be made outside.
An autonomous sewage system with a two-chamber septic tank or even with a septic tank made from automobile tires will be quite inexpensive, but it will provide the necessary comfort. For this you need to purchase a heater.Usually, for 2 people is not very powerful instantaneous water heater, which will give the opportunity to take a shower, wash and wash the dishes with hot water. For heating it will be enough to have a couple of convector or infrared heaters of 2.5 KW, which will provide heat to the 1st floor and the attic. Plastic windows will provide good thermal insulation.If possible, make a veranda, which will be a dining room in the summer, and in the winter if you glaze it, a hallway that protects the house from direct penetration of cold air.

Features of planning

Since the house will mostly live in the summer, two separate bedrooms can be made in the attic. It is not necessary to block the first floor on the rooms, cells, place the kitchen at the bottom, combined with the living room hall. In the lobby, put a couple of cozy folding sofas and armchairs, so that they can be stacked guests. On the first floor, next to the kitchen, place a bathroom, it can be combined.