This is the end? Lorac no longer wears a wedding ring.

The singer came to the shooting of "Voices" without decoration on the ring finger.

The other day, Channel One announced the jury of the seventh season of the show �The Voice�, Lorac was among the mentors. Shooting the project started, and the star immediately shared on social networks with first impressions, emotions and, of course, photos. The fans were delighted to see the favorite singer in the cherished chair, and wrote that they had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and then paid attention to the picture from the shooting area and saw that Lorac was on it without a wedding ring ...

The fans looked at the earlier posts of the singer and saw that there was an ornament on the ring finger back in July, and got worried. It has been rumored in the network for a month that the relationship between the star and her husband Murat Nalchadzhioglu, whom she married in 2009, is not going smoothly. Is it really so? Ani does not comment on the situation. However, many suspect that there is no smoke without fire.The singer does not post joint photos, and here she also stopped wearing the ring, it cannot be just like that.

In this case, in favor of the fact that the star is still all right, says her happy look. On the set, Lorac just beamed and smiled in earnest. Especially when mentor colleague Sergey Shnurov knelt in front of her. Everyone wants to believe that the artist�s home is in complete harmony, and the disturbing news is just the intrigues of the envious.