They thought gastritis turned out to be a child. Two stories of sudden labor

Any woman, regardless of the presence or absence of her children, such stories cause shock. Indeed, how can you not notice that you are pregnant? It turns out that it happens, and often: a woman does not even suspect that at the demolitions, until the very hour X. And sometimes even the doctors do not see her position in the focus.

Woman’s Day has often written about funny cases where a woman suddenly gave birth, for example, when she went to the store for shopping. And the shock was not only among the staff, but also among the youngest mommy: how is it that she had just born her first child, had not yet passed a year. And there was not a single sign of pregnancy! But there are even stranger cases: when even doctors cannot diagnose pregnancy, despite the fact that they send a woman for tests and for ultrasound.

History 1. "The hospital said it was gastritis"

Imgur shared his experience on the social network of a resident of Britain, hiding under the nickname ilentScreamsX.He said that he never loved children. Moreover, I did not want to. She and her friend did not plan to acquire offspring. Therefore, his partner sat on contraceptives. But one day the girl felt unwell. Made a pregnancy test - negative. Then a couple more. The same result. The girl went to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain, bloating and other troubles. And it really was bloating, in no way similar to a pregnant belly. The doctors sent the girl for an ultrasound scan, conducted tests. Got a verdict - gastritis, I guess.

The story of gastritis transiently ended once at two in the morning, when the girl really wanted to go to the toilet. “She almost gave birth to a child straight down the toilet,” writes her father.

Transient labor
Baby already half a year

The stunned woman with the newborn was taken to the hospital. And the newly-made daddy thought that he would never meet his girlfriend again - he was not at all ready for the children. As the girl later confessed, she did not expect him to return. His position childfree was so tough that she seriously believed - to be her single mother.

But he came back. The boy - yes, a boy was born - called Harry.“It turns out this little Harry is damn cute. He almost never cries. He is the happiest child I have ever seen. He sleeps 9–10 hours every night and wakes up with a smile, - the father writes. Now it seems to be happy. - I first uttered the word "cute" in relation to a child. Every morning I wake up and do not believe that I really became a father. Then I look at Harry's bed, and he smiles back. And I feel that I just adore him. ”

Harry fell in love with himself and the fourth member of the family: a hefty bullmastiff named Thor. “Thor is the best babysitter in the world. If someone comes to visit us, Thor sits between him and Harry. I am proud of them both, ”says the Briton.

Transient labor
13-year-old Bullmastiff Thor takes care of Harry as his own puppy

A cherry on the cake in this story was a new home for the family. The neighbor of the parents of the young father moved to a nursing home and decided to sell her own home to her neighbors - these were the parents of our boyfriend. And at a very attractive price. All because the neighbors cared for her, went shopping, took out for walks. In general, do good and throw it into the water, as stated in one Soviet cartoon.And you will have a happy ending.

History 2. Pregnancy 4 hours long

Connie Wheatton, also from the UK, has always been plump. But once she got tired of wearing clothes of terrifying size, and she decided to lose weight. The girl heroically dropped more than 22 kilograms. She was 19 years old at the time.

Before Connie had time to fully enjoy her success, her weight suddenly began to grow again. To say that the girl was terrified - to say nothing. Connie sincerely did not understand what was happening. After all, she fed, as before, correctly, the sport did not throw. The girl even began to take a demonstrative selfie to keep track of how her weight is changing. Neither she nor her friends or relatives had a shadow of suspicion that Connie was pregnant.

“I had no idea that I was pregnant. I had no symptoms: neither morning sickness nor fatigue, the stomach did not grow. I was often asked if I really didn’t feel the baby moving in the last few terms. Honestly, no, ”Conny told the publication.

Transient labor
Connie and her baby
Photo: @ conwhitton25

The girl had no reason to change her usual way of life. She went with friends to bars, did not miss classes in the gym.And even the day before the birth, she and her boyfriend sat in the pub. And one day, Connie had a terrible backache. In fact, it was a fight, but who knew? When the girl began to cry from unbearable pain, her mother insisted on going to the hospital. Connie sent for an ultrasound. And there already everything became clear - she gave birth.

After some four hours, the son Connie Seth, a healthy baby weighing 3340 grams, was born. “During these four hours, my entire pregnancy went in instead of nine months,” Conny is surprised.

The girl, of course, was in shock. But not at all upset. Connie and her boyfriend Liam had a rather long relationship. And they expected coming of age to get married and get a full-fledged family. Well, it happened a little bit earlier than they thought. By the way, they chose a name for the baby in advance, even before the invisible pregnancy Connie. “Seth is the best thing that ever happened to us,” laughs Connie. Here's another happy ending.