The best gifts for the New 2015

Although the New Year is not over yet, but you should think about gifts to relatives, relatives and friends in advance, because you need to approach this question responsibly and carefully. And what kind of gifts will be relevant, desirable and appropriate in 2015?

The symbol of the year - the main subject of gifts

For a long time many people, when choosing Christmas gifts, take into account the symbols of the coming year. And rightly so, because surprises should be festive and symbolic. The coming 2015 will be marked by the wooden blue Goat (or Sheep).

This holiday is impossible not to love

So lovely lambs or goats will invariably flood the shops on the eve of the most important holiday. And such a souvenir will be quite pleasant and appropriate. But you can not get off with one souvenir!

The characteristic color of the gifts should be combined with the color of the Patron Goat. So shades of blue and blue will be popular. And since the Sheep is wooden, the tree can also be present in the gifts. By the way, this material is practical and environmentally friendly. In addition, you can present as a gift any product from sheep wool.

How to choose gifts?

So, what do you really need to pay attention to when choosing a gift for the New Year?

  • Who do you have to whom you are going to give a gift? For example, if a husband can present something intimate to his young man to his wife or girlfriend, then a friend is better presented with something abstract and formal.
  • Age. Young people love everything new, modern and unexpected. But the older generation will not be able to evaluate some new items.
  • Floor. It is logical and understandable that gifts for women and men will definitely vary.
  • Hobbies, hobbies. If you know what a person is interested in, then it will be much easier for you, because you can donate something related to your favorite activity.
  • Occupation. It is not necessary to give a bookkeeper a calculator, but a modern electronic gadget for a person whose activities are related to calculations or information analysis will certainly come in handy and enjoy it.
  • When choosing a gift, remember everything the recipient has ever said. Probably, he has repeatedly mentioned that he wants to become the owner of this or that thing. So please him!
  • Be sure to choose gifts with a soul! Running around is not enough.Take a day or two, go around all the shops, listen to your emotions and feelings. And then the surprise will surely be desired and pleasant.

What to give?

So what can you give for New 2015? There are lots of options. Divide all gifts into categories depending on the recipient.

Gift to a friend

Pay attention to the packaging.

If a friend is close, then you probably know about her almost everything from clothing size to tastes and preferences. Use your knowledge correctly. Here is what you can give:

  • Cosmetics. If you know what a friend is using or dreaming about, give her that. Better yet, give her a gift certificate for the purchase of cosmetics.
  • Decorations. You should not give gold, leave this right to your spouse or a young girlfriend, but you can make her happy with beautiful jewelry. In the year of the Goat, semiprecious stones (especially aquamarine and onyx), as well as wood, are relevant. So you can give a pendant or a beautiful and original wooden bracelet.
  • Something from clothes. But such a gift can be given only if you know the size and tastes of the girl.
  • If you often confide, then go to a sex shop and buy something there. A friend will be surprised and discouraged.Only such gifts present in private.

A gift to a husband or young man

What to give a loved one? Only you know about this, so all the cards are in your hands. But the banalities such as shaving kits and pants with socks are definitely worth refusing. There are several win-win and interesting options:

  • Perfume You should know what suits your man, so he will most likely appreciate the selected toilet water.
  • Gift impression. If your spouse or young man has long dreamed of jumping with a parachute, give him that opportunity!
  • It is quite possible to present to the spouse something from clothes. Since the symbol of the year is the Sheep, you can buy a warm, beautiful and cozy sheep wool cardigan.
  • If your loved one has a good sense of humor, give him something funny and funny, for example, unusual pants with a compromising inscription or an original figurine.
  • You can give something for the car: parking sensors, radar detector, breathalyzer, DVR, and so on.
  • Romantic evening. This is also a great option, especially for couples who are immersed in the daily routine.
  • Subscription for service by the wife.This may be a certificate for 10 desires, for example. Original and very nice.
  • Jewelry: signet, chain, bracelet.

Gifts to mom and dad

Give with love

Gifts to parents should be chosen with special trepidation.

Mom can give some household appliance or a device that makes life easier. She herself is unlikely to buy it, but it will be very pleasant to receive such a thing as a sign of care from her own child. And you can also give your mother cosmetics, he probably does not indulge himself with such means. Good bedding will be appreciated and in demand.

It is more difficult for Dad to choose a gift, so it’s better to consult with mom. A versatile option is an expensive alcohol or cigar (if dad smokes). A bathrobe is also useful, for example. And you can hand over something related to a hobby: a power tool, a set of fishing rods, another copy to the collection.

Gift to the child

Finding out what the child wants to get for the New Year is not so difficult. Just offer your child to write a letter to Santa Claus and read it (although others do not read letters, but this is not the case).

Holiday symbol

If the child asked for something unreal, then present something related to desire.For example, if a baby wants to become a dog owner, you can give him a fish and mention that Santa Claus wants to know if the child will be a responsible owner.

But banal toys such as regular cars or dolls should not be given, they will probably be presented by relatives. A gift from parents should be special. And do not forget to brightly and festively pack it!

Gifts to colleagues

Colleagues do not seem to be close people (with rare exceptions), but gifts are worth giving them. Even if it is some kind of symbolic surprise, the person will already be pleased.

Several variants:

  • Figurines. The workplace will certainly become more comfortable if you decorate it with an original statuette.
  • Heated mug with a goat or lamb.
  • Memory card in the form of a goat or a sheep.
  • Interesting and convenient organizer for stationery.
  • Stand under the mug.

Helpful Tips

Some useful tips on choosing Christmas gifts:

  • Many people think how to save money when buying gifts. To do this, go to the shops in advance. A week or two before the holiday, the prices literally soar, because everyone knows that in any case they will have to buy presents, even at an inflated price. But for a month or two before the New Year, the cost will be much lower.
  • If possible, go shopping with those who want to choose a gift. Arrange shopping with your girlfriend, take your mother to the mall, “drag” her husband to the store. In the process of shopping, watch the person. If he sees something worthwhile and desirable, you will certainly notice it.
  • Pack the gift in an original and beautiful way. Sometimes the unfolding of rustling wrappers gives a lot of pleasure, and to people of all ages.
  • It is also important how you present a gift. Do it from your heart, sincerely, do not skimp on warm words. Find an interesting greeting in verse or write it. And you can attach a postcard, many like them.
  • Do not hurry! Select one or even a few days for shopping trips. And if you decide to order gifts online, do it as early as possible so that everything will be delivered on time.

Prepare for the New Year in advance, choose gifts now!

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