The best films about the life of football fans

Football is a special game, because it is honored by millions of people around the world and is even perceived as a separate subculture with its own rules and relations within it. Thanks to football, there was a current of people, which today is called football fans, that is, those who are addicted to this game.

There are among them those who simply love football and watch him on TV, and there are those who accompany their “heroes” all over the world, rooting for the victory in stadiums. Often, such formations show aggression against other fans, arrange squabbles and fights after matches, although this, of course, is not always the case.

Today we will talk about the most interesting films about football fans, their lives and relationships within their groups. Since the films are closely related to football itself, then naturally, the game itself is indispensable, which also pleases, especially during the football holidays. Not all of them reliably reflect the behavior of real fans and their interrelations, but, nevertheless, it is still interesting to watch such films.

  • "Ultra", 1990. The film, made in Italy, tells the story of the lives of fans of the popular club "Roma". In the story, the main character, and, concurrently, the authoritative bully of this club, the Prince, only gets out of prison and sees how everything has changed. Fans are doing very badly, and his best friend led his company, and he also walked with his girlfriend. But the culmination of the entire film will be the trip of the Roman “ultra” to the match with Juventus, where the viewer is awaited by very realistic scenes of unrest and fan clashes.
  • "Certificate", 1995. Actions take place in England in the 80s, it was then that the police decided to “introduce” their people into various criminal groups, including groups of fan hooligans. Four cops quite successfully turn things around and become their own among strangers: they get acquainted with the right people, identify gang leaders and so on. And when the time is right for the final operation, the unexpected happens: one of the cops refuses to carry out the task and leave the fan group, as a result, he voluntarily remains in the circle of football fans.
  • "Football Factory", 2004. Showing fan groups in London in our time.The story of young people, football fans, their lifestyle and desires. Four friends who find themselves in the center of history go to football bars every weekend, get drunk, watch football, and then go to a showdown with rival groups of opposing teams. And what else to do on a Saturday night?
  • Green Street Hooligans, 2005One of the most famous films on this subject, in which the main role was played by the notorious Elijah Wood. According to the plot, the protagonist is expelled from a prestigious university for a crime that he did not commit, but he cannot prove anything. As a result, he goes to live with his older sister, where he meets with fans of a football club, where, after several fights and showdowns, he joins the local team. Here he learns that between the fans of various teams there is a real war in which he will have to take part.
  • Kass, 2008. Interestingly, the film is based on real events and has long become a kind of classic fan cinema. The story of how a black boy adopted by a white couple managed to become the most dangerous and respected man in Britain.He had to endure harassment and humiliation for a long time, to prove more than others that he loves the United team so much that he is even willing to risk his own life if necessary.
  • "Firm", 2009. And again, the events of London 80-ies. It will be a question of one of the fan groupings of that time, which lived by its own strict rules and principles - they invented them, and they also violated. The film describes various aspects of the lives of fans, vividly depicts scenes of fights, revenge and wars on the wall, which rarely can end with something good.
  • "Okolofutbola", 2013 g. Here we will focus on the most brutal and aggressive football formations - near-football fans. In real life, they may be anyone — exemplary family men, bankers, musicians, or students, but here they are all “firm.” To get into it is not easy at all, but if this happens, you will mate it for life.
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