Tesla coil on one transistor or Brovin kacher

I present to your attention a very small Tesla coil on a single transistor or Brovin kacher. In the tesla coil, a very high alternating high-frequency alternating voltage is applied to the primary winding, and in the primary winding the collector current is fed by the collector current of the transistor, Brovin found out that with such a generator circuit a high voltage appears on the collector and opened a new control method for the transistor and called this device Kacher reactivity. Kacher is a high-frequency high-voltage generator, so that you can see the so-called corona discharge at the terminal. Also around him there is a fairly strong electromagnetic field capable of influencing the radios of mobile phones, especially sensory and other electronics. Therefore, in the photo of a working kacher, close-ups are noticeable.It is these devices that Tesla tried to transmit energy over a distance, if he got it is unknown. Now there is no other use as a toy. So, let's start with the beginning, you need to consider the scheme, it is very simple and it is soldered in 10 minutes.