Ten best places for family holidays in Ukraine

And you noticed that every second person of the post-Soviet space, at the slightest opportunity, is eager to go to Egypt or Turkey to relax, and if possible, then to Europe, completely forgetting that the native land is also interesting, fascinating and very informative.

And, importantly, it is much cheaper than advertised tours abroad, which means there is an opportunity to save something! Going on a trip to Ukraine, you will be surprised how many unique and enchanting places you can see, get acquainted and touch the cultural heritage of one of the largest countries of the European continent.

We have compiled a list of the best places for family and just rest in Ukraine, believe me, these places will be able to surprise you pleasantly much more than the already "worn out" resorts of Egypt or Turkey.

Did you know that tourists from all over the world dream to get here? And you have this unique opportunity in your pocket! Use it and hear the beating heart of the Ukrainian people!

  1. Island Khortytsya, Zaporozhye

What many people associate with Ukraine? Well, of course, with the Cossacks! Visit the "island of liberty", which is the largest island of the Dnieper, it means to see one of the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine".

The place that became the cradle of the Ukrainian Cossacks, only here you can see for yourself the places where Prince Svyatoslav died in the distant 972 during the battle with the Pechenegs.

You will be able to see the real “Zaporizhska Sich” with its life, facilities, fortifications, and even rules! And what kind of nature is here! Green meadows, wide steppes, coniferous and oak forests - I want to breathe in the scent of the island with a full breast and never let it go!

  1. Park "Sofiyivka", Uman

A beautiful legend says: the unique park became a green memory of Count Potocki's eternal love for his beautiful wife, the Greek of Sofia. To create such a striking phenomenon of nature in record time is not an easy task, and therefore the edict of the count from Germany was issued by one of the best gardeners of those times - the German Oliva.

And the impossible has become possible: in 7 years, literally from scratch, hundreds of exotic plants have sprung up, lots of flowers from all over the world, grottoes, beautiful fountains and underground locks have been formed.Almost three centuries have passed since then, and couples, as in former times, come here, filling an already beautiful place with an atmosphere of love and romance.

  1. Poltava pyramids, Poltava region

Did you know that in Europe there are only three pyramids: one of them is in Rome, and two - in the Poltava region! Locals claim that these unique buildings have miraculous properties, and those who took it into their head during the Soviet era could not live to scoff at them until they were 40 years old.

The history of the construction of these pyramids is shrouded in mystery, however, the priests claim that they still emanate grace: a lot of people come here who have health problems, go one by one, where they are charged with powerful solar energy.

  1. City Yaremche, Carpathians

If you have not seen the winter Carpathians, then you have lost a lot! Perhaps, this is the best place in Ukraine, where it is possible to celebrate the New Year, to feel the beauty of the real Ukrainian winter.

In the rest of the seasons there is also something to admire: the atmosphere of antiquity, the healing mountain air, ecologically clean and picturesque landscapes. Do not forget, while in Yaremche, to visit the waterfall of Probya with its twelve meter bridge, and also to look into the Nativity Church of St.John the Baptist with his richest iconostasis.

Among other things, this place is the center of Hutsul crafts, which means that here you can always see and even buy handicrafts.

  1. City of Lviv

According to experts, Lviv is exactly the city where every self-respecting Ukrainian is obliged to visit. And, especially if you are planning a vacation with the whole family!

Here everyone will find something to see: the unique atmosphere and striking architecture, many colorful and authentic cafes, elegant and impressive castles, as well as unique streets with already recognizable houses will not leave you indifferent. Having been in Lviv, one might say, I briefly plunged into the heart of Europe, however, it is much more accessible and dearer.

  1. City Berdyansk, Azov

If vacation for you is still a mandatory beach holiday, be sure to go to Berdyansk, a city that is rightly called the pearl of Azov. It is especially good to relax with children here, because on the famous

Berdyansk Spit has dozens of sanatoriums, recreation centers and hotels, there are also mineral water sources, where you can improve your health and have a good time.

In addition to the beaches, in Berdyansk there are a lot of funny monuments, which is worth getting out of the city hatch "plumber Uncle Vasya" or metal toad, which, according to local residents, is a symbol of greed and envy.

  1. Mukachevo

The main place that attracts tourists not only from all over Ukraine, but also from all over the world, is Palanok Castle. The grandiose stone structure, which in the past was the residence of the royal people of Hungary, today is the main film set of the country.

If you are lucky enough to visit this place in good weather, then you can enjoy a magnificent view from the observation deck to the whole city.

It should be noted that Palanok is not the only place worthy of attention, because in Mukachevo, it's not a house, it's a special story. Here you can find the oldest in Ukraine Orthodox monastery, as well as visit the chapel of St. Martin, built in the Gothic style.

  1. The city of Odessa

This place is not just called "the pearl of the sea", because there is everything that the city relies on the coast: excellent beaches, warm sea, beautiful streets with ancient architecture, lots of museums, monuments, as well as many entertainment and shopping centers.By the way, during the times of the USSR, the streets of this particular city were the most popular place for shooting national cinema.

  1. Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khmelnitsky region

The emergence of this famous Ukrainian fortress city is still fanned by many mysteries. Historians claim that Kamenetz-Podolsky was founded by the Romans, according to another, more romantic version, this place was found by one of the princes Koriatovich, he considered it unusual and decided to lay the city.

So, anyway, there really is where to rest and what to see: about 200 monuments of architecture, Kamenetsky fortress, sarcophagus bridge, many museums and much more.

  1. Kiev city

Every Ukrainian, at least once in his life, but simply has to visit the capital of his own country, especially since there really is something to see: ancient and impressive streets, interesting houses and churches, great cathedrals and museums, monuments of the past and present, as well as Sea shopping and entertainment complexes for every taste.

Be sure to visit Kiev, no wonder he managed to get into the top 20 most beautiful cities in Europe, therefore, planning a trip to Ukraine, it is impossible not to look into the capital of Ukrainian culture and history.

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