Symptoms and treatment of intestinal flu in adults and children

Intestinal flu (gastroenteritis) is a serious infectious disease in which rotavirus infects the intestinal mucosa. The virus is highly contagious and easily transmitted. We will discuss the symptoms, signs, treatment and prevention of intestinal flu in adults and children with traditional and medical means.

You can become infected through vomit, feces, saliva, items and personal hygiene products, a sick person. Intestinal flu is also transmitted through the air. The disease can provoke small outbreaks of non-permanent nature.

The human body, faced with intestinal flu, gradually acquires immunity and reduces the impact of the pathogenic virus.

In our country, gastroenteritis, the so-called contagion of physicians, a common seasonal disease. Manifested with the onset of cold weather and brings the greatest inconvenience to children.

Signs of intestinal flu

  • Acute onset. After a short incubation period of up to 3 days, the patient has a fever and fever. Influenza is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Often the selection changes color and contains blood. The duration of the acute period of gastroenteritis is usually a week.
  • Spasmodic abdominal pain. Painful sensations are characterized by different intensity.
  • Sneezing and a cold. Most often, the development of gastroenteritis is preceded by an outbreak of traditional influenza. Not surprisingly, the disease is accompanied by signs characteristic of the classic viral infection.
  • Weakness and lack of appetite. As the intestinal flu develops, the body becomes depleted. The face is sharpened, the pressure drops, and symptoms of anemia appear - pallor and dizziness.

Often, fever hides signs of dehydration - dry skin and pallor. As a result, people with gastroenteritis enter the hospital in serious condition. At this point, they lose the ability to navigate in space and suffer from convulsive seizures.At the first symptoms of the disease consult a doctor.

The presence of vomit and feces in the blood is a signal to immediately call an ambulance. This may indicate a bacterial intestinal infection, to combat which requires a fundamentally different therapy.

With gastroenteritis can face any person, regardless of age. However, young children are most susceptible to ailment, because they constantly pull various objects into their mouths, and their gastric juice is low in acidity. The infection often worries and people with weakened immunity. However, antiviral drugs are not effective against infections of the intestinal flu.

Treatment of intestinal flu in adults and children

Gastroenteritis is the medical name for gastric flu. Contrary to the name, the disease has nothing to do with the usual flu. This is a completely different type of infection that affects the digestive system.

Many types of viruses, including norovirus, rotavirus, astrovirus and others, cause this inflammation. At the same time, pathogenic microorganisms can bring severe discomfort to the patient. I used the word "may" for a reasonbecause often the symptoms of the disease do not manifest themselves, while the person remains a distributor of infection.

Medical supplies for intestinal flu

Treat gastroenteritis with conventional methods, aimed at reducing intoxication and normalization of water-salt metabolism. Therapeutic measures in which medical products for intestinal flu are used reduce toxicity, stop dehydration, restore the work of the main body systems and block the development of concomitant bacterial infection.

  1. Restoration of water-salt balance. Gastroenteritis leads to severe exhaustion and dehydration. It is recommended to use pharmaceutical preparations saturated with mineral salts, including Regidron.
  2. Enzymes. Influenza virus disrupts the production of enzymes of the digestive system. During the treatment of gastroenteritis, Mezim or Festal is prescribed.
  3. Enterosorbents. Toxins are eliminated from the body. The list of such drugs is represented by activated carbon, Smecta and Enterosgel.
  4. Normalization of peristalsis and elimination of diarrhea. Enterol or Immodium.
  5. Probiotics. Accelerate the process of removing pathogenic microflora from the intestine. Saturated with beneficial bacteria involved in digestion.
  6. Temperature reduction. It is not recommended to reduce the temperature to 38 degrees. This temperature helps to activate the protective functions of the body. At higher temperatures, it is recommended to use any antipyretic agents. Children only give Nurofen or Panadol.

Antibiotics against gastroenteritis are prescribed only by the attending physician. Such medications do not always help in the destruction of viruses and have a detrimental effect on beneficial microorganisms.

Video from the transfer Live great about rotaviruses

Folk remedies for intestinal flu

In the list of common diseases of the digestive system, there is also gastroenteritis. Infection usually occurs through contaminated dairy products and dirty water. Let's look at effective folk remedies against this disease.

  • Homemade mineral mixture. A similar mineral composition with the drug Regidron can be made at home. To do this, in a liter of water, dissolve two tablespoons of sugar and a spoonful of salt.
  • Decoction of Hypericum. To prepare a spoonful of crushed Hypericum, steam up with a glass of boiling water, hold it in the bath for half an hour, filter and pour in another glass of hot water. Take a decoction of 0.33 glasses before meals. A refrigerator is suitable for storage. Shelf life - 48 hours.
  • Infusion of svechenitsy. Helps from diarrhea. A spoonful of lozenges pour a glass of boiling water, close tightly, wait two hours and filter. Take half a cup daily before meals until diarrhea disappears.
  • Cyanosis root decoction. Spoon the chopped bluebird roots with boiling water in a volume of 0.25 liters and boil for half an hour over minimal heat. Take a spoonful after eating.

The last two recipes suggest a strict diet and rejection of meat products. Instead of low-fat cheese, vegetables and fruits.

I want to note, traditional medicine has not yet managed to create recipes against gastroenteritis, guaranteeing the complete disappearance of the disease. Therefore, if symptoms appear, consult your doctor, who will select the correct treatment.

If you act independently, the probability of choosing the wrong treatment strategy is extremely high, which can lead to hospitalization.In addition, cases have been reported where self-medication of gastroenteritis was the cause of death. Do not neglect the help of doctors.

Prevention of intestinal flu

It is known that to prevent the problem is much easier than to fix. Therefore, I will consider the prevention of intestinal flu.

In the case of gastroenteritis, drug prevention is absolutely powerless. To take drugs makes sense only after the appearance of the disease.

  1. The infection is transmitted by food. Wash hands regularly after the street, before meals and after using the toilet.
  2. Do not use the dishes of a person with intestinal flu.
  3. Ideally, the patient at the time to isolate. To do this, it is enough to provide him with a little separate space in the apartment. This technique is considered the best way to prevent.

Diet with gastroenteritis

In the list of unpredictable and insidious diseases, gastroenteritis takes pride of place. Since the goal of the intestinal flu virus is the digestive system, dieting is paramount to a speedy recovery.

  • Fluid consumption. Diarrhea with vomiting and fever removes fluid from the body, which salted water will restore.
  • Soft and gentle nutrition. With gastroenteritis, the production of enzymes that are important for the digestive process is reduced. At first, medical preparations like Mezim will compensate for the lack of enzymes.
  • Diet provides for the use of probiotics. Such preparations are saturated with bacteria that are useful for human microflora. Probiotics are sufficiently contained in low-fat dairy products.
  • In the menu enableomelets, watery cereals, and steamed vegetables. Such food is saturated with essential trace elements for the body.
  • Not recommendedto use products with laxative effect. Figs, apricots, dried apricots and plums.
  • Refusefrom foods and beverages that accelerate the elimination of fluid. This includes tea, coffee, carrots and beets. It is undesirable to eat food that can cause fermentation - cow's milk, meat, legumes, sweet soda, pickles, nuts and pickles.

According to experts, it is extremely important to follow a diet immediately after the appearance of gastroenteritis. In the future, the diet can be gradually expanded by adding dairy products, broths and meat dishes. Sweets and fresh bread are allowed to eat no earlier than 20 days after the disappearance of the disease.

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