Surprise - The Joy of a Sweet Tooth

Often you want to do something nice and pleasant for your loved one, but you do not have enough time, energy or imagination, or even everything at once. For those who want to please their soul mate, I can offer a good option for an exclusive sweet gift, but at the same time, does not require culinary skills, special skills and a lot of time. The essence is to remind your loved one that he (a) is the dearest person to you. For implementation of the idea you will need: - a beautiful gift box, - many different napkins (it is better to know in advance what kind of sweets the second half likes); is a small mirror, suitable for the box diameter; - postcards, valentines, stickers, that is, everything you can leave on the inscription, message or letter (here your imagination works, well, or what is at hand is applied.
 Surprise - Joy of the sweet tooth
At the bottom of the box, glue the mirror that you have prepared.Why do you need it, you will learn later.
 Surprise - The Joy of a Sweet Tooth
 Surprise - Joy of sweet tooth
After the mirror was in place, put on top of it is beautiful paper, cloth or polyethylene, but the surface of this “blanket” should be shining through, and then the beloved one can not guess the secret sense of the present.