Spring is close: it was said by the marmot Phil and Jerzhi Button

We do not believe in all sorts of prophecies and fortune telling, but every year, on February 2, we are closely following the prediction of the chief meteorologist Phil marmot, who wakes up and informs about the imminent (or shortly, how lucky it is!) no strength!). So, this year Phil courageously looked at his shadow and was not scared - which means that soon the boring snow will melt and we, having ceased to slide on the tile, will be able to change into the warm coats of the most cheerful colors!

Photo posted by Visit Pennsylvania (@visit_pa)Feb 2 2016 at 4:27 PST

With the forecast, Phil is solidary and (just don't laugh!) A hedgehog nicknamed Pugovka, which was woken up at the zoo in Yekaterinburg for lack of marmots. Since the shadow of the "thorn" is not afraid, she was offered to scratch needles, or rather choose one of the two bowls with the inscriptions "Early Spring" and "Late Spring". See how it was.