Is she 53 years old? El MacPherson has admired a figure in a bathing suit

Australian supermodel revealed to fans the secret of harmony.

El Macpherson, who turned 53 in March, will give odds to many young models - the other day she published her photo on Instagram in seductive black monokini and collected tens of thousands of compliments.

El macpherson
Photo: @ellemacphersonofficial

“The most beautiful woman in the world”, “Vivid evidence that with age women only become more beautiful”, admire the model fans.

Of course, many wanted to hear about the secrets of youth and slimness MacPherson. And the beauty gladly shared some of them in the comments. A healthy diet (by the way, the supermodel has been developing itself for a long time), more water and physical activity - three whales that hold female beauty. By the way, El more than once admitted that she prefers yoga or outdoor activity to training in the gym, and owes her figure to wellness.