Secrets of washing down jacket at home

Secrets of washing down jacket at homeThe most comfortable clothing in the winter is read the down jacket. This outerwear has long been well-known. The most important thing for which the down jackets are so appreciated by everyone is that they can keep warm for a long time, and this is a budget option. They have an excellent quality that even many fur coats can envy. At the moment, the down jacket remains an indispensable savior from frost in any wardrobe. In addition, it is a fairly fashionable accessory that allows you not to freeze in winter and look at the highest level.
It is worth noting that manufacturers often do not recommend washing down jackets at home. But what if dry cleaning is a rather expensive option and not everyone can afford such luxury? Then the question arises, is it possible and how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine? All women's forums are simply full of tips on this topic, but sometimes not all of them are suitable, you need to take into account the material and quality of the product.Now we will examine in detail how to actually need to wash a down jacket in a typewriter.

Should I wash a down jacket?

Experienced housewives have long guessed the secret of high-quality laundry at home, without spending additional money on dry cleaning services. On what only courageous hostesses will not go to save the family budget. If you keep some secrets at home washing, the thing will absolutely not lose its presentation and will become even more attractive. It is important to know how and how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine.
For this mission you will need:

  • any powder for wool materials;
  • special means for washing in the car;
  • tennis balls - 3 pcs.

Secrets of washing down jacket at homeDo not be surprised, balls for washing down jackets - a very common tool. Even manufacturers of outerwear advised during washing to throw them into the drum of a washing machine, in order to protect the thing from the accumulation of fluff. It is the balls for washing that will help keep the down in perfect quality.

Go to the wash

In order to avoid damage to a thing, it is necessary to turn it inside out before washing, to remove all the contents from the pockets, and to fasten the zippers so as not to damage the machine. When choosing which mode to wash a down jacket, the answer is unequivocal - only delicate.
Water temperature should not exceed 30 ° С. Follow this carefully, otherwise you may get a thing that has sat down on several sizes after washing it from the machine. In the drum also send and balls for washing down jacket, they will be erased with him.Secrets of washing down jacket at home
Do not forget that after washing on clothes there may be stains that will be difficult not to notice. It is necessary to rinse a down jacket several times and squeeze in a typewriter.


Many people think that pressing in a typewriter will be quite enough. The thing will be semi-dry, and then hanged on the battery or heater - and dried completely. This should not be done in any case. After washing, it is necessary to dry at room temperature. It is advisable to hang on the hangers and for several hours you can already wear it.
Watch out for drying things. Periodically you need to throw it into the machine with the balls to protect it from the accumulation of fur inside. Then she will remain in perfect condition.Secrets of washing down jacket at home