Robert Pattinson meets with Bella Hadid?

What kind of relationship does Robert Pattinson have with ... Bella Hadid? At the Dior Homme show, as part of the Men's Fashion Week in Paris, the 31-year-old actor and 21-year-old model willingly posed together.

As we know, more recently, Robert met with the singer FKA Twigs, but a few months ago, the star couple secretly broke up. “I tried to keep our relationship,” the actor said dryly in an interview. Apparently, it did not happen.

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Now Robert is open again to the relationship, and the tabloids are actively trying to ascribe a loud romance to him. So, for example, there were false rumors that a colleague Emma Watson became a new passion of the actor. Will his romance with the supermodel remain just a rumor, or did the Twilight star find his Bella? At least on the Dior show the couple looked very harmonious: Robert in a black leather jacket and Bella in a black jacket with a deep neckline and a lace sconce.