Red beast: Natalya Vodyanova struck by a new image

Russian supermodel and mother of five children Natalya Vodyanova impressed all her fans with an unexpected change of image.

Russian Cinderella is not the first time appears to the public in a bright, updated, even a little shocking way. So the experiments are not new to her. Five years ago, for example, for the sake of a photo shoot for Vogue, the model radically changed its image. With bright burgundy hair, bright blue and yellow eyebrows, she looked like the heroine of the famous film The Fifth Element.

At this time, mother of many children decided not to be limited to makeup and clothes, now she has red hair and a four-sided hairdo. By the way, some fans of the model noted that she looked like the heroine Milla Jovovich Leela. Maybe it's not just five years later that the star returns to the same image?

Vodyanova dyed and cut her hair
Photo: @natasupernova

But Natalia is an obvious adherent of naturalness in appearance, therefore, such a sharp and unexpected style seems a bit unusual to us.Recall previously known model and actress could boast of long light curls, which are now in the past. However, we have to admit, with the new hair color Vodianova began to look more bold and bright.

It is not known whether the supermodel will return to its usual image of a pretty shy. But the bulk of her fans liked the new image of the star.