�Really� how do you spell it?

Kristina Firsova
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�Really� how do you spell it?

When we write texts, we often meet words that need to be written with a hyphen, but will they always be correct to write in this form?

For example, let's look at how to spell correctly. For a start it is worth noting in what form we use it. It may be an adverb, in this case it is worth writing a word with a hyphen (for real): "We really loved each other" (loved each other as? - for real).

But "real" can also be an adjective with a preposition, in this variant the word "real" will be written separately, for example: "Go on real ice" (go on what ice? - on real).

"Real" can be written separately or with a hyphen, and the choice of a particular spelling variant depends on the context.