Poems in a dream

Why dream of poetry?

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Why dream of poetry, dream book
Why dream of poetry, dream book

On the spring dream book

Reading poems at the time of sleep may mean for the sleeper, speedy quarrels and conflicts in which he will be the instigator.

According to the summer dream book:

Reading poems in their dreams for parents is an attempt to guide their child in reality on the path of righteousness. For a child to learn a poem in a dream - to the difficulties in the educational process.

According to the autumn dream book:

If a dreamer observes how his child reads verses in a dream, then in reality it can only symbolize harmony and mutual understanding in the family. When a person himself reads poems, then these are ordinary memories of past youth.

Dream interpretation E. Tsvetkova:

Reading poems or simply opening a book with their collection can mean that in real life a person can get a job. This is especially true of men.

According to the Chinese dream book:

So that a sleeping person with poems does not do in a dream, it will bring him waking only great happiness and success in any undertakings, because creativity and books are always wisdom.

Dream of the wanderer:

To compose poems in a dream, to write them down or to read - this is to the successful design of the workplace, promotion, love.

Dream of the wanderer:

To see poems in a dream - to fall in love with reality, change jobs or get a new position.

Esoteric dream book

Any dream in which you write or just write down verses speaks of your dreamy nature. If dreams are real enough, then they will definitely come true. They help you in your work, and your muse says that it’s time to start writing or writing verses.

To learn a poem - to the efforts of your heirs.

Imperial Dream

A dream, in which poetry is a clear and rhythmic sound in rhyme, symbolizes stability for the dreamer of his inner world. Such a person is in harmony, but it is possible to judge about the auspiciousness of a dream only when there is information about the experienced emotions at the time of reading a literary work. Joyful emotions in a dream well affect for a person in reality.

Quite often in a dream there is such a situation when a sleeping person tries to memorize a verse or recall a long-memorized one.If he doesn’t succeed in this, then perhaps in real life, you should stop thinking about the bad and start fighting long-term depression. Perhaps you can fight bad health, but laziness stops you. Also, this dream can talk about diseases. If a person is sad, then beware of the reality of the disease is mild, spleen and large intestine. A dream where verses cause only aggression can predict diseases of the heart and small intestine. Aggression itself is expressed in the unwillingness to read or learn anything. It can manifest itself in dropping books.

If the dreamer is happy that he can read his favorite poems, then in reality he may feel that he is ready for a change for the best and it is worth waiting for success. No health problems in this situation will arise.

Compose poems in your dream - to harmony in the soul of a sleeping person. If at this moment in reality he had problems, then they resolve themselves and their health will get better.

If a person succeeds, even after awakening, to recall at least a few lines from a poem that was folded in a dream, then it means that his mind receives information from the Cosmos and is not clouded by everyday problems.

If the dreamer is trying to recall a poem in a dream, this is already good, because he is trying to find the meaning of life for himself, to enter into the rhythm of movement.

The newest dream book

Why dream of white poems can be interpreted by this dream book. Such a dream speaks of the preceding of some mystical phenomenon. But the writing of such poems promises only a headache in real life.

According to the dream and birthday of May and summer months:

All those who in a dream happened to watch the reading of poems, in reality, will try to influence their children, change their attitude towards themselves, set them on the path of truth.

According to the dream of the birthday of the autumn months and December:

Remember in a dream poems and try to read them by heart - to the memories of a distant youth.

According to the dream, the birthday of January, February, March and April:

That dreamer, who was engaged in reading poetry in a dream, would fall into a conflict situation, or organize it himself. Such a dream for this category of people foreshadows petty quarrels. Perhaps you should beware of provocateurs and not go on about their own experiences. It is necessary to restrain emotions, being in a state of depression. Poems in a dream are peculiar morals.

Universal dream book:

Sound poems that the sleeper managed to hear in a dream, say that the person is trying to somehow express themselves and trying to perceive the words of others. He does not have the knowledge that he has. There is a constant desire for the sublime.