Pitt is trying to buy from Jolie the right to raise children

The actor is ready to give the former wife half of his fortune, which is estimated at $ 250 million.

This is the second year that Angelina and Brad's family squabbles have been going on. They can not share children: Jolie insists on sole custody, and the father of the six heirs of the star family tries to keep at least some hope of participating in their lives. Moreover, the once beautiful couple of Hollywood still can not share the joint state of 400 million dollars.

“Brad agrees to give Angie any amount she needs.” Moreover, he is ready not to claim half his personal fortune of $ 250 million. He just wants everything to finally end, ”the Western media quoted their insiders as saying.

Photo: LegionMedia

The generosity of the ex-wife Angelina was not impressed. She still insists that she be given sole custody of the children.But Pitt agreed to be treated for alcoholism, and to work with a psychologist, just to see his family again. Well, the charges of domestic violence have already been dropped.

“Brad is not trying to buy Angie, he doesn’t care about what they think of him in society. The most important thing for him is the children. Brad wants the quality of life of his children not to suffer, which is why he proposes to give everything she wants to Angelina, ”an anonymous source told the publication.

The quality of life in six Jolie-Pitts is really impressive. Parents spend at least a million dollars a year on child safety alone - and this is not only the security system in the house, but also bodyguards. All these costs Angie and Brad are still divided in half.

“In addition, Brad wants Angie to have the opportunity to do his humanitarian work without worrying about money,” say insiders. “He himself only needs the right to see the children.”

But so far the couple has not come to any agreement. Moreover, with whom of the parents the children will spend the Christmas holidays, the court will decide. As it became known, they are unable to draw up such a schedule of meetings with children, which would arrange for both the mother and the father.Therefore, Angelina and Brad decided to appeal to the judge, who will do it for them.