Why hurts lower abdomen

Why hurts lower abdomen You will need Painkiller, medical encyclopedia. Instruction Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. Pain with this disease can also be accompanied by loss of appetite, fever, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, frequent urination, high pressure. Treatment of appendicitis is always.

Homemade wood stove for the garage with their own hands

Homemade wood stove for the garage with their own hands Making potbelly stove with a metal case from the finished barrel Materials and tools: metal barrel of 200 liters with walls from 5 mm thick; steel pipe trim; metal channel; sheet metal trimming; several.

What makes diabetes

What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease of the endocrine systems of the body, which is characterized by elevated blood sugar levels and impaired carbohydrate metabolism. The basis of the disease is the lack of the hormone insulin, which the body produces.

Easter Eggs Pineapples

Easter Eggs "Pineapples" In order to decorate an ordinary chicken egg under a pineapple,you will need: special paint for dyeing eggs, green paper or felt, cloth, non-woven fabric, glue, a piece of double-sided tape, a set of colored pencils. Operating procedure: 1. Cook hard.

Where to hand over a dress

Where to hand over a dress Instruction For a new or preserved dress in good condition, you can try to gain some money. To do this, beautifully photograph it on yourself and place information about the sale on the site free ads, for example.

How to become more sociable

How to become more sociable? Maya Kiseleva November 4, 2014 Communication is success. If you can simply and beautifully express your thoughts, then in work and personal life you will achieve a triumph. In this article we will explain how to become more sociable.

Not patriots: celebrity children who went to live abroad

Not patriots: celebrity children who went to live abroad They say where he was born, it was useful there. But they only say. Russian celebrities strive to please their children and protect them from the scrutiny of journalists. Therefore, on September 1, the children.

Six months how to spell

"Half a year" how to spell? Kristina Firsova March 11, 2013 25305 In our article we will talk in more detail about the word "six months". How do you spell "half a year"? This word can be written together, separately or through a hyphen.

Buzova spent the evening in a restaurant with Nagiyev

Buzova spent the evening in a restaurant with Nagiyev Star couple has created a new reason for rumors. Whom Olga Buzova didn’t promise to marry - with Dmitri Nagiyev, the singer has a long and, most importantly, warm relationship. Moreover, the showman supported the.

What is the cartridge

What is a cartridge? Ekaterina Ermolaeva May 20, 2015 At the mention of the word "cartridge" most people have associations with ammunition. However, is this term only a weapon? Let's see what the cartridge is. The meaning of the word cartridge A cartridge is.

How to open the door to Gazelle

How to open the door to Gazelle How to open the door to Gazelle The cargo gazelle has two doors, located on the right and left sides of the cabin. The all-metal van and passenger Gazelle are additionally equipped with a side sliding door.

How to choose a contribution

How to choose a contribution You will need - a computer; - access to the Internet. Instruction You can get the primary information about the income on a deposit using the site “Compare.ru”, where various financial products are available for comparison, including deposits. To.

Houses have eyes: how curtains kill the interior

Houses have eyes: how curtains kill the interior No, properly selected curtains do nothing of the kind. But sometimes we make such mistakes that destroy all our efforts to create comfort. Women do not give special attention to eye makeup. The eyes are mood.

How to get to Kazan

How to get to Kazan The geographical position of Kazan The capital of Tatarstan is actually located at the junction of the Kazanka River and the great Russian Volga. Such a fairly favorable geographical position has long provided Kazan with the status of a.

How to bake in foil

How to bake in foil? Quite a modern way of baking using foil is very fond and caught on among amateurs and professionals. This aluminum paper has several advantages: it is light, does not require washing, does not oxidize, speeds up and facilitates the.

Biscuit Potato Cake

Cake '' Potato '' made from sponge cake You will need - 5-7 eggs - flour 190 g - sugar 175-180 g - starch 35-37 g - butter 185-225 g - icing sugar 125-135 g - condensed milk 110 g - wine or rum.

What is aggregation?

What is aggregation? Svetlana March 7, 2015 The term “aggregation” is familiar to both physicians and IT professionals, but an observant person may assume that he is somehow connected with the word “aggregate”.On whether this is true and what aggregation is in general, read.

How to buy a domain

How to buy a domain? Galina Uneasy February 12, 2013 Suppose you have found a domain name that freely and fairly brightly reflects the contents of your future site. Now you have to make a domain purchase, and for this there are several ways.

How to wear a bezel

How to wear a bezel? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Oksana Logunova ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������March 27, 2013 There is a fairly large number of hair accessories, among which a special place is given to the rims. They can be made of any material, they are decorated with rhinestones, flowers.

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