A diet that cheers up

A diet that cheers up The secret is simple - you just need to include in your daily menu products enriched with selenium, chromium, vitamins, especially group B, as well as fatty acids (omega 3). This trace element helps in the production of serotonin.

Simple but effective fight against computer noise

Simple but effective fight against computer noise I always thought that the noise in the computer wascreatedby exclusivelybythefans working insidetheairrun.Oh,howwrongIwas!Afterall,themainpartofthenoiseiscreate... suchas:harddisk,fansorcooler. Andwhatismostinterestingisthatthevibrationfromthebodyisprettygoodon surrounding objects,in particular onthestandonwhichstandsthe computer. Iwillofferyouonesimpleactiontounderstand-fiveminutesisenough,tomakeyou... absorbing materialbetweenthePCandwhatitisworthit.Thematerialmaybedifferent,butth... foamrubber.HereismyPC.Itmakesnoisedecently.Afterasoftfabricunderlay,th... particular lowfrequencynoisedisappeared.TheCouncilhaswhattodoforyou.Good luck!

Business souvenirs and corporate gifts for every taste from TooManyGifts

TooManyGifts business souvenirs and corporate gifts for every taste Many enterprises, companies and other organizations have long been celebrating various events, celebrations, employee birthdays and other various holidays. Without gifts and souvenirs here can not do. Where to buy such products? On the website.

Someone writes articles on CAD. What literature do you use?

Does anyone write articles on CAD? What literature do you use ?? There are 2 answers Carol scott Answered on April 12, 08:53 Earnings from 20 000 rubles a day! - Do you need a ready, already customized method of earnings? - Without difficult.

Interesting country style in your interior (10 photos)

Interesting country style in your interior (10 photos) The house is our fortress, and a beautiful and cozy house is not only a fortress, but also a room in which it is pleasantly located. Where, if not at home, you can be yourself, to.

Trends of autumn 2017: hair accessories

Trends of autumn 2017: hair accessories In elementary school, hair was a daily ritual for which all girls grew their hair, and mothers bought them almost the most important accessory for this age - hair clips. This is many, many years later, we will.

Where can I order a website promotion?

Where can I order a website promotion? Tell me where you can order a website promotion, so that 100% is the result. And it is desirable to quickly do everything. Prompt good firms in Moscow, please. There are 4 answers petrowow Answered on April.

Evening dresses for prom 2013 - photos of gorgeous graduation gowns

Evening dresses at the prom 2013 - photos of chic prom dresses Fashionable Evening Dresses for Graduation 2013 Graduation party is the most memorable, joyful and bright holiday of youth. Before this solemn school event there is not much time left, which is why.

Do I need an INN

Do I need an INN? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Marina Fedotova ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������December 26, 2012 TIN stands for "taxpayer identification number", and it consists of 12 digits, which are assigned to each person in a non-random manner. These figures have the properties of a kind of digital.

How to send an email from your phone in 2018

How to send an email from your phone in 2018 Instruction Subscribers of any mobile operators can access their emails through a web interface or via a mail program. To do this, you first need to make sure that the access point for the.

What does the name Cyril mean

What does the name Cyril mean? Names are something that is unique to humans. He gives names not only to his children, but also to the objects and phenomena that surround him, putting all their essence into it. The same happened with the names.

How to care for yucca

How to care for yucca? Evgeny Lukashenko June 7, 2012 But what kind of plant is yucca? For those who have not yet acquired this miracle, we will tell you briefly. Yucca is an ornamental evergreen plant belonging to the Agave family. Occurs in.

How to moisten hair

How to moisten hair? Every woman, while still a girl, dreams of becoming a beautiful woman with gorgeous hair. Short women's haircuts are already out of fashion, now long hair is in high esteem, and healthy and luxurious hair becomes the object of envy.

Pyramid Gift Box

Pyramid Gift Box Materials and tools: colored paper (cardboard); a piece of yarn, rope, ribbon pencil, ruler; scissors, hole punch. Step 1 We will print the template and cut it out - either immediately print it on the required paper, or make a template.

How not to get sick

How not to get sick Instruction Personal hygiene. Oddly enough, the majority of microorganisms get on our body through general means of hygiene. Therefore, it is not surprising that one sick family member soon infects everyone else. In order to protect yourself, you should.

How to cure a burn

How to cure a burn? Anna Mikhailova January 13, 2015 Burns can occur for a variety of reasons. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible. This can be done at home, but only if the burn relates to the first degree.

How to wear beret

How to wear beret? Anastasia Pavlova February 12, 2013 A beret is a unique thing that has remained fashionable for several decades and is unlikely to ever go out of style. This simple and interesting headdress fits almost all people, it is worn by.

How to play table tennis

How to play table tennis? When something new appears in our environment, it is able to attract to itself. And so much so that sometimes the whole country wears the same clothes or plays some kind of game. It also happened at the time.

How to call husky

What is the name Husky? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Galina Uneasy ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������March 13, 2013 24418 The oldest breed of sled dogs husky is quite popular today. If you have a husky puppy, then he needs to choose a worthy name. Before you call the Huskies, try.

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