Original balcony design ideas

If you have a balcony, it means that you are incredibly lucky, because it is not only an opportunity to stay in the fresh air at any time and enjoy the views, but also an additional room. Yes, yes, especially in modern houses, loggias and balconies have an impressive area, so they can be equated to a separate room. But how to arrange and equip this room?

The first step is warming.

What does everyone strive for? Of course, security is very important. But you should not forget about comfort. Balcony, in fact, is not intended for permanent stay in it, but if you try, you can create conditions under which it will be nice to sit on the loggia and spend an hour or two or even a whole day there. That is why the first thing you should think about is insulation.

Stylish design

How to insulate a balcony? First, you need to glaze it. And here it is important to choose the right glazing. It is best to give preference to practical and warm plastic windows. Choose a two- or three-chamber bag to keep more heat indoors.

If your balcony is not sheathed, that is, there are bars in place of the parapet (as in the old Khrushchev and Stalinist houses), then by all means take up plating. The most optimal option for this is PVC sheets, in other words, lining. But the parapet itself and the rest of the space can be built up with brick or foam blocks.

It is necessary to warm both walls, and floors, and the ceiling, since the cold will penetrate literally into any gaps. You can install a heated floor to walk on the loggia barefoot in any weather.

With regard to the choice of a specific heater, here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Thickness. It is important not to lose extra centimeters of space, so it is better to choose thin rolled modern materials (for example, Penofol, Penoplex and other similar).
  • Environmental friendliness. It is clear that the heater must be environmentally friendly, because you are building up a practically living room.
  • Non-combustibility. This factor is also important.
  • Frost resistance and resistance to temperature extremes. But today, almost all materials meet these requirements.


The design of the balcony of the loggia implies not only the arrangement of furniture, but also the decoration. It all depends on you.But It is worth noting that the most popular and best option is lining. Yes, it is practical and beautiful. If you have imagined white plastic, then in vain, because the options for colors of modern PVC panels, there are a great many. It can be an imitation of wood or marble, patterns and drawings, and so on.

For a large area

If you want to glue the walls with wallpaper or paint, you first need to make a base. The best option - plasterboard design. But remember that it will "eat" a few centimeters of space, so think carefully. Then the wall should be leveled using a putty. And then go to the store for finishing materials and get to work. If you doubt your strength (and the strength of your spouse), then it is better to trust the professionals.

How to arrange and arrange a loggia or balcony?

Use the space to the maximum

The design of the balcony or loggia is not very simple, because this room has a number of features. So there are some important points and small tricks that will help to improve the loggia, making it comfortable and cozy:

  • Since the area is small, it is better to use the built-in furniture.For example, it is worth choosing a narrow wardrobe, and not a massive wardrobe with opening doors.
  • If you need to place some things on the balcony, then consider the upper shelves and sections built into the ceiling.
  • Consider the shape of the balcony. So, the furniture in a long loggia is better placed not in length, but in width or in corners. The ideal option would be a cozy corner sofa.
  • Be sure to provide curtains or blinds, because the light will always fall on the balcony. It is best to give preference to the blinds, it is very convenient, besides, do not have to fix the eaves. If you want to see something soft on the windows, but not plastic, then you can buy fabric roller shutters. It is beautiful and practical.
  • Since the room is small, it is best to use monochrome materials as a finish, or something with a barely noticeable pattern. Excessive diversity is not needed, it will bother. Visually raise the ceiling will help vertical strip, and expand the space horizontal lines. Light tones will make the loggia more spacious. You can use pastel shades (beige, peach) or warm, but more dark (burgundy, brown).
  • Do not forget about the lighting, it will be necessary in the dark. For example, it is possible to equip in the ceiling embedded spotlights. They will not steal space and will be safe to use.
  • Well, and, of course, do not forget about the small lovely details, because they make the usual room cozy and original.

Few ideas

And now we offer to explore a few design ideas for a loggia or balcony.

You can make a real wardrobe from the balcony. To do this, you can place in the closet wardrobe. And best of all just to equip a coat hanger, as well as shelves for shoes. All this can be placed at a smaller length of the wall (if it is not too narrow).

Do not forget about the big mirror, it is simply necessary in the wardrobe.

Hang it on the wall. You can also equip a small bedside table for accessories and trifles. And do not forget about the comfortable small ottoman. The walls can have any shade, for example, lime or peach.

Light colors increase space

Want to have family breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the open air? Then arrange not a loggia living room. Set a small round table and some wicker chairs or round stools.On the wall, hang pictures with fruits, vegetables and other edible and appetizing things. And if you want, you can even equip the table top (better angular), where you can cook fresh salads and other dishes.

Do you like flowers? Then on your balcony should certainly show off the greenhouse. Buy special flower stands and hang a lot of pots. Be sure to buy a climbing plant. On the walls can also be placed pots. And if you buy artificial butterflies, dragonflies and bugs, then anyone who comes to such a loggia will feel like in a real garden.

For family holidays

Want to make a cozy and quiet office? Place a small computer desk near the balcony wall and place a lamp above it. Equip 2-3 shelves for books, where you can optionally arrange family photos or original figurines.

Do not forget the chair. And to make you comfortable, spread the rug on the floor. On the walls I can paint reproductions of famous artists. For finishing it is better to choose deep calm tones, they adjust to the working mode.

Want to make a rest area on the balcony? Hang a TV on the wall, place a soft velvet leather sofa against the wall, and place a miniature coffee table next to it.Spread a fluffy carpet on the floor, arrange a shelf with interesting books. On the walls you can hang positive photos or pictures. And enjoy!

And remember that you can do it yourself if you wish and try. Just think over everything to the smallest detail, show imagination and in the end get a separate original room!

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