Tamanu oil

Erofeevskaya Natalya

To maintain the health of the skin, their purity and radiance, women all over the world use vegetable and mineral oils. And if olive oil, peach oil, wheat germ oil and shea butter have long been firmly entrenched on cosmetic tables and shelves of beauties of various ages, then few people have heard about Taman oil. But this oil has a truly amazing healing characteristics, allowing you to avoid skin problems - drying, manifestations of inflammatory processes, loss of moisture, etc.

"Tamanu" - the English version of the name, "oil of the Alexandrian Lavra" - a common name in Russia

Growing in Polynesia, Madagascar, in the Asian regions, the sacred tree Tamanu has long attracted people to the possibility of getting rid of many ailments. The use of its fruits, leaves and roots gave extraordinary results to the inhabitants of the southern tribes who did not know medicine and who used exclusively gifts of natural origin.

Tamanu oil

What is tamanu oil?

As the basis of raw materials forTamanu oil is obtained from the Tamanu tree (Alexandrian laurel), which is contained in the fruit on the Indian and Pacific coasts, in a certain way. Peanuts are cleaned from the shell, but do not contain oily substance when fresh, and therefore dried in direct sunlight for about one and a half to two months, which leads to their enrichment with a greenish marsh shade with a pronounced amber similar to with spicy Indian curry with a pleasant nutty flavor. When dried, the fruit loses up to one third of the initial mass, becomes yellowish and is filled with an aromatic oily substance. The viscous substance, which forms in the drupes in a fraction of up to 50% of the volume, is usually mined by cold press technology with mechanical filtration without further refining, and the composition is stabilized by a natural antioxidant (vitamin E).

The composition of Tamanu, which has a beneficial effect on human health, has long been studied in detail:

  • dense heavy texture due to the presence in the oil of natural plant waxes (up to 7-8% by volume);
  • biologically active components include three basic types of lipids: glycerols, glyco- and phospholipids, as well as lactones, sterols and teprenoids;
  • the category of free, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the composition of lipids is a chic set consisting of more than a dozen items: lauric, stearic, linoleic, arachidic, palmitic and others;
  • powerful regenerating, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory characteristics of the oil extract are due to a significant proportion of calophyllolide and calophyllic acid.

In cosmetological preparations, the share of such oil is usually 5-10%, for medical purposes - 10-100% (pure). Due to the bactericidal and reducing functional as a component, tamana oil is included in the creams, ointments, lipsticks and lotions.

Tamanu oil

Why is tamanu oil useful?

The therapeutic and cosmetological properties of this oil, carefully studied in the 30s of the last century, include the following:

  • the powerful healing ability of pure oil makes it possible in a short time to heal wounds, cuts, scratches, to make fresh scars, stretch marks and scars less noticeable;
  • unsurpassed antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics allow this oil to act as a bioactive component of the production of cosmetic lines designed to solve skin problems - redness, rashes, acne, etc .;
  • epidermis prone to rosacea is extremely sensitive to significant temperature changes and the use of cosmetic products - regular use of Tamanu oil will help with rosacea, restoring and strengthening damaged capillaries, makes the spider veins less noticeable and prevents unpleasant red spots that appear as a result of bursting fragile small blood vessels on the face. the face;
  • This oil will not only make capillary vessels more elastic and stronger, but also reduce the sensitivity of the skin - for this it is applied to local areas affected by couperose expanded vessels or to the entire surface of the face.

Tamanu with a pleasant peanut smell - one of the most valuable vegetable oils used in aromatherapy procedures

  • the oil in the composition does not have aggressive substances, and therefore it is recommended for pediatric pediatric dermatitis, diaper rash and bed sores of bedridden patients;
  • the oil of the Alexandrian laurel contains a UV filter that protects sensitive skin from solar activity, so if necessary, such a composition can be used during the day;Tamanu oil
  • skin diseases and their symptoms are stopped by the healing and antibacterial action of tamanu - it is an effective remedy for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and herpes, skin ulcers and boils, herpes; In ancient times, the oil of this tree was the best remedy for leprosy and its associated neuritis;
  • moisturizing qualities and the ability to regenerate damaged skin will facilitate the restoration of the skin after burns - domestic and solar (oil Tamanu is often used as a soothing and protective agent after sunburn);
  • a small amount of oil penetrating the deep layers of the epidermis will facilitate the effects of insect bites;

Taman is an effective means of intensive regeneration of the skin after peeling and other skin-aggressive procedures

  • for hair and skin of the face oil will create a kind of protective barrier that prevents them from drying out under the influence of the sun and wind, temperature drops, lack of moisture and other things from aggressive natural and artificial media;
  • oil will be appropriate for restoring the structure and facilitating age-related changes in the fading skin: mimic wrinkles not only become less noticeable - the skin is instantly restored to an even state after the manifestation of emotions;
  • even such cosmetic trouble as miliums (white or yellow acne, appearing due to improper skin care) will cease to appear and with regular use of the taman will completely come to naught. The oil liquefies the sebaceous "plugs" in the pores and takes it outward, while even the oily skin does not gloss - with the renewed hydrolipid barrier, the skin fat glands do not need to produce their own fat in excessive amounts: now it is normally redistributed over the skin, without getting stuck in the porous channels;Tamanu oil
  • analgesic (analgesic) effect makes it possible to use oil as a natural and effective drug for joint pain and damage to muscle tissue, to eliminate bruising with bruises; as a massage composition or in the form of applications - for the treatment of arthritis / arthrosis and relief of rheumatic pain.

This oil has no contraindications.only limitations associated with individual intolerance are possible. It is strictly forbidden to take this oil inside!

How to use taman oil?

The viscous consistency of the oil is not a hindrance to excellent absorption into the skin: this increases blood circulation and improves the saturation of the upper layers of the epidermis with oxygen. If Tamanu oil is used for the face, it helps to even out the color, without leaving a greasy luster and traces.

Tamanu oil has no restrictions on the application on various skin types and is even suitable for sensitive skin. Regenerating properties will be assessed by fading skin that has lost its elasticity and elasticity, while oily or combination with regular use of tamanu will get rid of acne, irritation and inflammation.

This oil is recommended to be used after water procedures - it will soften and moisturize the skin, eliminate microtraumas and microcracks.

Damanu applied to the strands as a mask will saturate with nutrients and moisturize dry and dull hair - they will take on a natural, vibrant and healthy look. And for nails Taman will have a beneficial effect: it contributes to their strengthening and growth.

The use of the taman for dry skin is justified by the presence of natural plant waxes (about 8%) - they will become a reliable protective barrier for dry skin in the cold season. For dehydrated skin, it is important to remove the peeling and painful properties of the oil, up to the occurrence of dry epidermal cracks. For this type of skin, it is recommended to apply oil overnight, but with considerable dryness and, as an aggravating condition of the skin at low ambient temperatures, the use of the drug twice a day is allowed. Restoration of the optimal hydrolysed layer promotes the fact that even after washing with ordinary tap water with high hardness values, the skin does not feel dry.

Tamanu oil

For oily skin, it is important to maintain an optimal balance: the oil to the taman not only does not "clog" the pores and does not lead to inflammatory foci, but also due to the linolenic acid included in time to update the epidermis, not allowing it to choke - keratinized from permanent fat secretions and untreated skin becomes an ideal environment for the emergence and reproduction of bacteria, and therefore requires proper care.

In order for the oil not to lose its miraculous properties, it should be properly stored: in a closed, better glass container, in a place protected from direct sunlight, at room temperature (printed industrial samples and self-cooking mixtures should be kept in the refrigerator) and ordinary for a dwelling of humidity.

Tamanu oil recipes and additional recommendations

To get cosmetic or medical preparations in which structure butter or oil enters a taman, now it is easy. But for those who want to be sure of the naturalness of the means used, you can make your own compositions, you just need to have Tamanu in its pure form:

  • treatment of skin sores and external inflammatory processes, acne, dermatosis, as well as for the treatment of medical scars and stretch marks, pure oil is used, without additional inclusions;
  • for cosmetic purposes, it is permissible to enrich creamy products or body lotions, nourishing lip balms, masks, etc. oil in the volume of 5-20%;
  • in industrial samples for face skin care oil is added in 2-5% share;
  • organically suitable taman combinations with natural fruit, herbal and woody essential oils of mint, cinnamon, rosewood, ylang-ylang, patchouli, citrus and spicy oils are welcomed. Taman is not combined with floral ethers.

Thus, Taman is recommended for use as a base or supplement (5-20%), for medicinal purposes - in its pure form

To prevent inflammation for oily skin, which has special problems in hot summer weather, the following recipe is recommended:

  1. Dissolve in a suitable container (not in metal), and you can put a little tamana (two or three drops) right in your palm with one drop of tea tree ether. For those who don't like the specific aroma of the oil, Tamanu is advised to add one drop of lavender - it will mask the smells of the basic ingredients. Tamanu is also combined with geranium oil or carrot seed oil.
  2. Apply the mixture gently with fingertips on the cleansed face along the massage lines.
  3. Taman is well absorbed and after twenty minutes from the fat composition will not remain a trace. When tamanu is applied from a damp cotton pad, the layer of the composition on the skin will be thin and will be absorbed in literally five to seven minutes.Redness will be invisible, regular use of the composition will give positive results for inflammation and acne.

Tamanu oil

Another effective recipe for radiant skin health, removing redness and against black spots will be Tamanu applied overnight in combination with hazelnut oil and a couple of drops of neroli oil.

By the effectiveness of removing inflammation and redness, Taman is comparable to the therapeutic liniment of syntomycin. It should be noted that this oil will cope with the irregularities of the skin - the use of pure oil evens the skin surface, making it smooth, like a baby. For women, it will be useful to learn that Tamanu can cope with irritation and redness on the face from the male stubble in a matter of minutes.