Need a medical (sanitary) book by the end of the month. Krasnoyarsk city.

Need a medical (sanitary) book by the end of the month. I live in Krasnoyarsk, the chief demanded to pass by the end of August. I was postponing, postponing, and now there is almost no time left. How best and faster to resolve this issue?
Go to the hospital
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Answered on August 22, 12:47
You go to the hospital and you do it. They will be given a piece of paper with directions, you walk in shorts around the cabinets, you pass the urine and the blood and you receive your document right at the end of the month.
Answered on August 22, 13:19
Avramenko, you are wrong. Until the end of the month, there are 7 full days left (excluding weekends), and it’s impossible to fit all the doctors into the passage. From experience I remember going back and forth for two weeks. At the same time, he gave a lot of time and nerves to grannies and other patients, who vehemently protect the queues. Well, it is better to buy a medical book - in one day and not to soar your brains. This procedure is extremely tedious, if everything is done manually, I would not even advise the enemy (IMHO).