Naomi Campbell tried on the image of the submissive Indian wife

Black Panther Naomi Campbell got the nickname not for a cool temper (as many think), but for her plastic cat walk on the catwalk. But the character of the top model is really not sugar: despite the fact that she managed to become a cult personality in the model world, Naomi was repeatedly criticized for being too emotional and having a habit of making trouble if something goes against her will. She was arrested many times and summoned to the court for insults and assault, and photographers and agents admitted that it’s not easy to work with a dark-skinned beauty - it’s painful to have many nuances to avoid waking the volcano.

This year, the top models turned 47 years old, and it seems that with age the volcano subsided by itself: it increasingly speaks of the desire to start a family and children. At the Innovator Awards award ceremony from The Wall Street Journal, which was held at the New York Museum of Modern Art, Naomi made a beautiful curtsy towards Indian culture, wearing a black asymmetrical suit, with a cut resembling a sari.As an accessory, the model chose nat - a traditional Indian decoration. Naomi did not have to pierce his nose for this: where the chain from the ear usually ends with a ring, a clip with a precious stone sparkled. Naomi knew about it or not, but nat is a symbol of loyalty and humility to an Indian wife.