"My daughter brought": the mother demands to cancel homework

The American writer wants to change the education system that cripples children.

The dream of millions of school children came true in the family of the American writer Bunmi Laditan. She forbade her 10-year-old daughter to do homework.

“My child is done with homework. I just sent a letter to the school where I wrote about it, ”Bunmi said on the Facebook page, and then explained why.

“My daughter loves to learn. He reads 10–12 books a year, constantly learning something new (now she’s carried away by the life of wolves). She takes coding lessons, loves painting. But for the last four years, her daughter has been constantly on nerves - because of school. She has insomnia, chest pains, and indeed a wild fear of school. ”

According to Bunmi, her daughter spends in the classroom from 8 am to 4 pm - a full eight-hour working day. But after returning home, a girl spends 2–3 hours on her homework.

“Maybe family time doesn't matter now? Maybe schoolchildren can no longer be at least a little children, spend time at home, relax. Or should my daughter become a little workaholic when she is 10 years old? ”Bunmi is outraged.

She herself, by the way, is the author of books on child psychology, so she approached the issue seriously - found out how children are taught in other countries.

Photo: Facebook / BunmiKLaditan

“Do you know that homework is prohibited in Finland? At the same time, they have the highest percentage of graduates who immediately go to universities after school. - Children do not need to sit for hours on their homework to achieve success, - says the writer. - They need to laze a bit - just like us, adults, after the working day, play with our brothers and sisters, talk heart-to-heart with our parents. And just enjoy childhood every day, and not just on weekends (although on Sunday my daughter has to do homework). ”

According to Bunmi, if the school punishes her child for the lessons they have not done, she will transfer her daughter to home schooling. Although for a working mother, who also has two small children, this is not the best option.

“Perhaps I and other parents will unite in a group, we will hire tutors for our children,” she says.

Bunmi says: it doesn’t matter to her whether her child will go to Harvard. If only her daughter grew up educated, she lived in harmony with herself, was kind, responsive, spiritualized.

“Work will not fill you, will not warm you. All this will be made by family, friends, your environment, - says the writer. - I in no way blame the teachers. They are wonderful and just have to work that way. But this system is not for my family. I can no longer watch how my daughter is nervous, she constantly lives in stress - and this is in her 10 years! ”

In just a few days the post of Bunmi gathered about 80 thousand likes, more than 20 thousand reposts. In the comments, the woman was supported not only by the mothers of busy schoolchildren, but also by child psychologists and even the teachers themselves.

“I fully agree with you,” school psychologist Ailey Mulani wrote to the woman. - In free time from school, children should remain children. Research shows that all these homework hours do not affect grades. Having a break twice a day, plus adequate lunch time, games, this is what will make the learning process successful, and our children happy. ”

“I'm from Finland.And yes, homework is forbidden here, - writes Katri Saarinen. - At the same time, the load is much less, and school days are much shorter. And after each lesson, the children go out to play outside. ”

“I said no to the homework for my son,” shares Nancy Gardetto’s experience. - And you know what? He successfully completed this year. ”