Massage for kidney disease

When you change the position of the body and in the process of breathing, there is a slight displacement of the kidneys. The magnitude of the amplitude of this displacement depends on the depth of inhalation, as well as exhalation, and does not exceed 3-5 centimeters. If there is an increased organ mobility, this can be a sign of a disease.Massage for kidney diseasein combination with other methods of treatment gives a good effect.

The massage for the descent of the kidneys is performed on the front or back side of the body using a certain technique. The reason for the omission of the kidney may be features of the anatomical structure, a weakening of the apparatus that fixes the kidneys, as well as pregnancy or trauma.

Positive effect of massage

People who suffer from renal pathologies have fatigue, swelling and cold feeling in the limbs, drowsiness. There is rapid eye fatigue, blurred vision and hearing, teeth are being destroyed, back pain and knee joints are sore.In combination with a complex of physical therapy for nephropatism perform a massage of the back, abdomen, ribs. At the same time, the method “chopping” and “tapping” cannot be used. The session is held for 10-15 minutes. During the year it is recommended to take 3-4 courses. Before going through the sessions, you need to come to themedical center in Moscowand consult with your doctor about the expediency of this procedure.

Massage for urolithiasis

The cause of the appearance ofsand and stones in the kidneysis the violation of metabolic processes, stagnation in the bladder, infectious agents, a decrease in the rate of blood flow.Urologyconsiders massage to be an effective treatment for kidney disease. The massage is performed with the aim of improving the outflow of blood and lymph, enhancing metabolic processes, tissue metabolism, etc.


For urolithiasis, general massage techniques are used. If the session is held in a bath or sauna, the patient must observe the drinking regime. For this purpose, the use of tea, alkaline water, compote, etc. is recommended. During the session, the expert works on the near-vertebral areas on the left and right side, spends the grinding of the costal-vertebral angle,Massages the abdominal cavity and thighs. For massage, ointments or heated oils are used to induce hyperemia. The duration of one session is 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment is 20-25 procedures. To obtain the effect, you must take 3-4 courses annually. Before starting a course of treatment, you need to consult a urologist.