The list of 10 countries that everyone should see

Traveling is great! And every traveler certainly wants to travel around the world. But there are countries that everyone should visit.

So, the top 10 countries that everyone should see:

1. Egypt

To many, this country already seems commonplace and studied far and wide. But the resorts of Egypt - this is not all that is worth going here, although they deserve attention (no wonder this state is considered one of the most developed and largest tourist centers in the world). There is something more interesting here - the pyramids. If you think about how huge they are, you will certainly have a lot of questions. Who built them?

How did these huge blocks rise and fit? Why the pyramids are so flat, and even the knife blade doesn’t fit between the individual plates. It is better not to think, but to see once. And let the riddles remain riddles, leave them to scientists. Just enjoy the stunning views, sunsets and sunrises, the sun and the warm gentle sea!

2. Japan

This country also deserves special attention, it is not for nothing that it attracts thousands and even millions of tourists annually. And it's not just the Japanese cuisine, which managed to catch the fancy, perhaps, of the whole world.

The matter is not even in advanced achievements of science and cutting-edge technologies, although they also attract (here you can see real robots, evaluate them in action, communicate and even acquire them, if, of course, you have the means). Come to Japan is only for the sake of a special atmosphere.

Someone will be surprised by the sharp contrast of the achievements of the West with its skyscrapers and burning lights and the culture of the East with its special atmosphere. Stroll through major cities with open mouth, let yourself relax physically and mentally and relax: visit some park with blooming cherry trees or a pagoda.

And also appreciate the local flavor and variety. For example, on the streets you can see teenagers in costumes of famous anime heroes, as well as women who look like geishas and dressed in kimonos.

3. India

First impressions of this country can be twofold. First you will hate this country for the poverty and slovenliness of its people.But then, plunging into this unique atmosphere and feeling it with all your heart, you will understand that this is paradise: so simple, calm, not heavenly, but worldly.

It is here for harmony, peace and the search for the true meaning of life that those who cannot find themselves and understand their life purpose go. And some remain here forever, realizing that this is what everyone is so eager for.

This is not the place of hectic, here they know what is unknown to other, ordinary people. But it is worth going here only when you realize that you really need it. And such a moment will certainly come in the life of everyone. By the way, there are resorts in India, so by finally finding yourself and calming your soul, you can warm your body on the beach and take a swim in the warm ocean.

4. Italy

Perhaps this is the most romantic place on the planet, and it is an ideal place for the rest of lovers. But alone here will also be very interesting. And who knows, perhaps, it is here that you will meet your fate and true love, because the Italians are an incredibly sensual, passionate and very likeable people. And almost everyone likes Italian cuisine.

Still, these spaghetti, pizza, delicious wines and much more - all this will surely conquer you! And in Italy there are incredibly many UNESCO World Heritage sites. There is also a mass of stunning resorts, and the climate is so mild that you simply will not want to leave. Well, you should definitely visit the legendary city on the water - Venice. In general, if there is an opportunity, be sure to come here!

5. Iceland

Iceland is an amazing, amazing, fantastic country, which everyone should see at least once in their life! First, you can enjoy the wonders of nature and be genuinely surprised at how all this could appear on Earth.

Here amazingly beautiful surroundings of the northern lights, glaciers, colorful and huge lava fields, hot raging geysers, high noisy waterfalls and smoking majestic volcanoes. Impressive, isn't it?

Secondly, you will be surprised by the diverse wildlife. And how in such a corner of the planet did so many different fauna gather? Thirdly, by all means meet local people, their mentality is unlike any other in the world!

6. South Africa

If you think that Africa is the tropics, the scorching sun, blacks, impassable jungles, terrible insects and terrible diseases, then you are greatly mistaken! Yes, there are a lot of animals and insects, but nobody will let you in the dangerous jungle. Yes, you can get infected here, but vaccinations will completely protect you. All this is insignificant compared to what you can see here!

These are the best picturesque beaches of the planet, and stunning views, and gorgeous sunsets, and amazing animals, and kind and a little strange people, and delicious wines, and exotic dishes. Fly here is worth in order to at least for some time forget about the bustle of ordinary life.

7. New Zealand

To imagine this amazing country, it suffices to recall the legendary film "The Lord" of the rings. Most of it was shot here, because the landscapes of New Zealand could not be better conveyed the fabulous atmosphere and all the flavor of nature.

Here you can enjoy almost all the joys of life: relax and unwind on the beach, breathe the purest air of the Alpine meadows, see fascinating and beautiful waterfalls, glaciers and geysers, go down the steep mountain slope (this will especially please fans of extreme sports) and just frolic in the snow, play snowballs and go sledding.And what else is needed for complete happiness? Nothing!

8. Scotland

This country attracts tourists with mysteries and secrets associated with Loch Ness and the unprecedented monster Nessie, which, according to ancient legends and the stories of a few eyewitnesses, dwells here. Go here, and it’s probably you who will solve this long-standing secret. And if you do not solve it, you will definitely get a lot of the most pleasant and vivid impressions, because in Scotland it is incredibly beautiful!

And this country has a rich history, and this is also very interesting. But local nature deserves special attention. By the way, this place, in fact, is part of the UK, but all tourists consider it separately, as an independent and original state.

9. Brazil

Many people associate this country with Brazilian serials. And in them you can see only a small part of the beauties that open up to those who decide to fly here. Brazil is especially beautiful from a bird's-eye view, so you will start to be surprised and enjoy while still on the plane.

Coming here is worth seeing the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, which is 38 meters high! And yet Brazil can be safely called the football capital of the world, since there are as many football clubs as there are in no other country.

10. Australia

Want to get away from reality and just enjoy nature and a completely different atmosphere? You definitely should go to Australia! You will be pleased with the magnificent beaches and incredibly clear waters, snow-white sand. Fans of water sports can stand on the board and catch a wave that is similar to those that usually print on postcards.

Romantics will selflessly immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and the local stunning landscape. And the incorrigible adventurers will certainly go in search of adventure and wish to see the most amazing animals (some, by the way, live only in Australia). This country is so multifaceted that it will accurately present a lot of vivid impressions and will remain in your heart forever!

If you have such an opportunity, be sure to go on a trip to these countries!

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