Linen Wedding - 4 years anniversary

The people have always existed many superstitions and traditions associated with the wedding. Wedding anniversaries began to be celebrated only in the nineteenth century, and then, it was only available to wealthy people, but then spread among the people, and now there are more than a dozen round dates starting from the wedding day, which is called.

When young people have been married for 2 years, their relationship is still young and can easily collapse like paper, so the second anniversary of married life is called. It is quite another thing when a couple has lived together for four years - during this time they got used to each other, got acquainted with the habits and hidden sides of each other.

Such a period in the life of young people is called Flax or Wax Wedding. This means that the relationship of the spouses became stronger and more reliable, as flax, which has long been considered a symbol of durability and reliability.

Linen or Wax wedding in the people means 4 years from the date of the wedding and emphasizes that the spouses during these 4 years communicate with each other like ropes.They are now inseparable. For 4 years - the Linen Wedding, an intricate ritual was held: the husband and wife were seated next to the chairs and tied their arms and legs, if they did not get out, it means that their future life together will be long and strong.

Now the couple are together forever, and the economy will be good, and the children are healthy, and the world will be at peace. Here, in order to reinforce such a favorable prediction, young people were given linen products, strong and reliable, as their family nest at the Linen Wedding.

Flax has always been a special plant in Russia: it was grown with special love, comparing flowers with the eyes of a loved one, and the cornflower field, which excites the wind, with the endless blue of the sea. The tradition was also relatively flax in ceremonial rites: the bride had to weave a linen cloth from which to sew a sheet.

Such a special, almost magical thing was decorated with lace or embroidery, which was also made by the girl himself, squatting. They believed that such a thing would make family life strong and long. This sheet was laid for 4 years from the date of the wedding - Linen Wedding. The festive table was decorated with flowers and candles, creating an atmosphere of magic in which each person and, it seemed, every corner of the house asked for a successful family life to the owners.