Kebab from lamb on the grill

Mutton700 gramsFat (fat tail)700 gramsBulb onions1 onionPepper (black freshly ground)
  • Flow temperature:Hot dish
  • Processing Type:Grill
  • Occasion:Picnic
  • Season:spring Summer

Recipe chef Zafferano restaurant Afghan Khankishiyev.

Mutton, onion and rump at room temperature through a meat grinder. Add salt, pepper - very well knead the stuffing to form a good bundle. Put the stuffing in the fridge. Dampen hands in water, roll up small patties.

4 cutlets on the skewer and hand well knead them around the skewer to form a single dense mass.

Fry lula kebab on the grill, turning several times. Readiness time: 6 minutes.