It’s very easy to make original flowers

Ear cotton wool sticks can be used not only as a means of hygiene. These personal funds can serve as material for beautiful crafts that will certainly decorate your home and will delight guests.

Materials and tools:

  1. cotton buds;
  2. floral foam ball;
  3. scissors;
  4. paint;
  5. stalk or floristic leg
  6. glue.

Take the ears for cleaning the ears, cut them at an angle. The larger the cutoff angle —thestrongerwillstickintheball.Inafoamroundshape,webegintoinsertstickswithcotton.Weinsertquitetightly,coveringtheentireroundedsurfaceoftheball.Furtherpainting— any paint is suitable (the color of your choice). I used gouache. Now we put on the foam ball on the leg (I used the stalk from the straw, dyeing it in green). You can buy a floristic leg (sold in stores and floristic shops).