Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are planning to have a second child

Baby Lee - the firstborn Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper - March 21 will be a year. So time flies! But recently, we admired how quickly Irina managed to get in shape after giving birth (all thanks to boxing, Pilates and the Japanese wrestling jiu-jitsu): two weeks later she was showing off perfect forms on Instagram, and two months later she defiled the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Do not have time to be inspired by the example of a supermodel? It does not matter - probably, soon this opportunity will be provided again: the other day the paparazzi caught Irina and Bradley leaving the medical center for pregnancy planning!

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Celebrities have repeatedly said in an interview that they want a large family. And they must have known what they were talking about: the friends of Irina and Brad say that they became very close after the birth of their daughter.Cooper is ready to nurse Leia 24 hours a day, she doesn’t mind the soul and looks at his wife with even more loving eyes than before, and Irina, in turn, effortlessly manages to find a balance between endless filming and taking care of her daughter, while not forgetting rest, and about Bradley. Testing the strength of sleepless nights definitely passed! Here and in the pictures that have already flown across the Western media, it is clearly visible how the model and actor go through the underground parking of the medical center, holding hands and glowing with happiness.