Instagram is gaining popularity #womanspreading hashtag

Sofia Garbovskaya November 28, 2017

Oil painting: morning, public transport, and you hardly, but manage to squeeze into the vacant seat. Everything would be fine, but there is still no added comfort on the trip: on either side of you there are men who stretched their legs so impressively, as if there were no one there except them. A familiar story? Of course, yes - it is so commonplace that no one has paid any attention to him for a long time.

No matter how it is!

Some time ago, the patience of the girls of the whole world was completely overflowed, and they launched a flashmob under the #womanspreading hashtag - as an opposition to the brutal behavior of men in the public space, preventing their position from occupying vacant seats. The ambassador of the movement is Bela Hadid - despite the fact that the supermodel can hardly complain of such inconvenience on the trips, her semi-brutal, semi-sexual position with her legs apart in the pictures seemed to the girls to be a worthy example for imitation.
Some believe that such a posture demonstrates feminine power, since it breaks the stereotype that a girl should sit as modestly as possible, with her knees tightly moved. But it should be noted that most of the participants in the flash mob treated him with humor, not really expecting that he would somehow influence the situation, and they simply parody men from the heart. Why not?

Well, it remains to wait for the response of the stronger sex, but for now - that's how it looks.

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