Independent prostate massage at home

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Is prostate massage at home or better to go to the salon, the hospital?

Before you begin to perform an independent massage of the prostate at home, it must be borne in mind that if the therapeutic massage of the prostate is not performed correctly or the person has contraindications to this type of massage, then the risk of causing serious harm to health increases.


Inflammatory processes occur mainly in the male prostate gland, which in one way or another are associated with serious diseases that have been caused by various infections, and excessive abstinence or an overabundance of intimate connections also has a negative effect.


If you knowhow to massage the prostate glandthen there is a positive effect on the tissues of the prostate gland as well as the nerve fibers.If the process of self-massage of the prostate is carried out, then activation of the testes, muscles of the genital bladder and seminal vesicles takes place. Under conditions of proper prostate massage at home, there is a significant increase in potency, as well as a positive effect on the general health of a man. Due to regular and regular independent effects on the prostate gland, there is a unique opportunity to significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse, especially if you are still doing erotic massage correctly.


The correct position of the patient during a prostate massage photo

The correct position of the patient during the massage of the prostate (prostate gland).

Experts recommend two days before the prostate gland massage begins, a special procedure for anti-infective therapy should be carried out, that is, the person should not have any signs of any acute inflammatory processes. If holdprostate massage at homevery early, then you can only aggravate an already difficult situation, that is, there will be an increase in the inflammatory process taking place in the body.It is also very important that the patient takes the correct position during the massage procedure.


The correct position for the massage of the prostate (prostate gland).



Basically, this type of massage is performed when the patient is in the knee-elbow position, much less often the patient can be in a prone position on the floor, with knees knees bent (it is very important that the knees are located near the chest). The main condition for the start of this type of massage is the presence of a full bladder, only under this condition the massage will be carried out correctly and the procedure will be of maximum benefit.


The technology of proper self prostate massage at home:



  1. Prostate massage, movement, techniques.

    Prostate massage, movement, techniques.

    - A rubber glove is put on the right hand, then petroleum jelly is applied on the index finger and must be inserted into the rectum. After that, the prostate is massaged, which consists of two main stages;

  2. during the first stagetechniques are used for easy stroking. This is very important in the first procedures. Movement should be directed outside towards the iron excretory ducts, then above and towards the midline.It is forbidden to make sharp and too intense movements, as this may lead to the emergence of combat sensations;
  3. during the second stagethere is a slight pressure on the prostate, while the intensity of the pressure should gradually increase. If an independent prostate massage at home is carried out correctly, then the patient should not have unpleasant pain, the patient should know about it, and if unpleasant sensations appear, he should report about it. After probing the dense gland, a stronger pressure should occur, and when a soft gland is being worked out, pressure is reduced. During this massage it is very important to carefully work out the entire prostate gland, including the edges of the gland.


Contraindications for prostate massage



Despite all the advantages, this type of massage has a number of contraindications - hemorrhoids, tuberculosis in the prostate gland, prostate adenoma, epididymitis, fever in a patient, thrombosis.