How to whiten your teeth in Photoshop?

Nowadays, it is no longer so scary to appear in photos with yellowed teeth, because the miracle technology will correct this incident in the image. Do you think that only professionals can do this? Nothing like this! The simplest lessons of Photoshop "whiten teeth" will allow an ordinary person to make a smile open and charming.

How to whiten teeth in Photoshop - instructions

  1. Open the image in Photoshop. You can also whiten your teeth in Photoshop online. To do this, go to the site and produce there all the same actions. You can open a photo in an online photoshop from your computer by clicking on �upload image from computer�, or you can insert an image directly from the Internet by clicking on �open image url� (for url, copy the contents of the image address bar).
  2. Zoom in on the teeth for more accurate clarification. You can use the magnifying glass tool, or you can press ctrl + to zoom in and ctrl- to zoom out.
  3. Now you can start bleaching. Select the tool "clarification" (dodge).
  4. Set the parameters of the tool: the diameter of the brush should be such that the brush does not touch the gums; range - medium tones (mid tones); exposure (exposure) at around 30.
  5. We spend on the teeth with these tools several times, until you achieve the desired effect. You should not make them too white, because it will look extremely unnatural.

Photoshop - whiten your teeth on all 100

Why is the previous method insufficient? The fact is that the Brightening tool has the function of brightening an existing tone, and not bleaching. To make the teeth become perfectly white, there is another way that learning is also easy. At first glance, it may seem very long, but it�s not so, we just try to submit the material in great detail so that novice users can whiten their teeth in Photoshop the very first time.

So, open the image in Photoshop as usual, zoom in on it.

Now we need to separate the teeth. Use the magic wand tool. Click on the teeth, and we will immediately select all the pixels of the same color. We advise you to change the tolerance value at the top if extra areas are allocated. In a non-contrast image, select the lasso tool to select instead of the magic wand. In the program Photoshop you will find 3 types of this tool:

  • Selecting the first - the usual lasso, hold down the left mouse button the place on the image with which you are going to start the selection and as if circle a teeth with a pencil. You need to end the selection at the point where you started it. You may have to circle each tooth separately ... After circling one tooth, hold down the shift and continue to select other teeth.
  • The second view is a rectangular lasso. In the process of selection, we put points on the contour of the teeth, and the line between the points is drawn automatically. Tip: bring the image of teeth as close as possible to put dots at a short distance from each other.
  • The third type is a magnetic lasso. We press this tool once on the contour, and then simply move the mouse, the selection will be obtained automatically due to the difference in colors between the subject and the background.

After the selection of teeth it is necessary to discolor the selected teeth (ctrl + shift + U).

And now we will make teeth natural. To do this, click on the menu "image", then "adjustment", there are "curves" (Image-Adjustments-Curves). Now pull the diagonal line in different directions and watch the result. Play with this option and get beautiful white teeth.

Do not forget to remove the selection from the teeth. This will make the keys ctrl + D. Now you can whiten your teeth in Photoshop!

P.S. Recently, it has become very fashionable to process their countless photos with the help of various graphic editors. But this trend has its drawbacks.