How to weave straight weave?

Baubles are used for decoration. Usually, girls weave them for a gift to a certain person, taking into account his interests and taste preferences. Let's see in this article how to weave such a decoration as a bauble with direct weaving. It should be clarified that fenichki can wear both men and women. As for the direct weaving, it is used to create baubles with a picture or with words.

How to weave straight weaving baubles

Choose a design that will suit both genders. We will try to create a ghost. And we will build on it in the choice of thread. It should be clarified that the schemes of direct weaving are different.

  • So, first you need to decide on the color scheme. Let's use the threads of gray, white, black, red and blue colors. Let's try to make out how to start a bauble. Direct weaving is not difficult at all.
  • First of all, fasten white, red and blue threads. We will use them in the work later. And therefore, on top of them you need to fix those threads that we will initially work with - these are twenty threads of black color and one thread of gray.Keep in mind that the gray thread does not need to be cut from the skein, as we will use it in large quantities. All other threads must be at least 70 cm.
  • First, braid the black thread with gray.
  • On each of the threads of the nodule should be done twice.
  • All other threads braid in the same way. You should have a row of gray knots.
  • Returning to the other side you need to do stitches in the opposite direction. And in the same way do a few rows.
  • According to the scheme, we should braid eight nodules of gray, from the beginning of the row, and then five black squares. This means that we need a black thread to braid, in two knots, a gray thread.
  • After we have 5 knots of black color, we need a gray thread to braid black threads. And so on until the very end of the series.
  • The next row you need to weave in the same way just the other way. You should have 5 gray squares — this is when the gray thread weaves black, and one black square is when the black thread weaves gray, then one gray square and 2 black. Then you need to use the white thread, as five squares of white color will go on.
  • To insert a white thread, we need to put the gray thread down, and replace it with a white one. It becomes the main one, and with it we will weave a black thread.
  • Do not forget to make two knots on each thread.
  • Thus, weave 5 squares of white color.
  • Then there are two black squares. Overlap the white thread with a black thread.
  • After you have two black squares, put the white thread down and replace it with gray.
  • Further according to the scheme you have 6 gray nodes, and you complete the second row.
  • Then we will weave from left to right. Repeat all the actions that were performed in the past row and calculate the number of nodes in each color.
  • Until you reach the blue square, we make the same. And then we introduce the blue thread, as previously white was introduced.
  • Then braid the blue thread with black thread so that the blue thread goes into the background. Return the gray thread and dock it according to the scheme two knots.
  • In the new row, make 3 knots with gray thread, braid gray with black. Lower the gray thread, and braid the black blue. Lower the blue and use the white one. Another row of the same way.
  • When you reach the red square, lower the white thread and reach the red one. Braid her black thread. Then one more time. You get a red knot.
  • Black thread braid red thread.
  • When you need to make a white cell, then return the white thread.
  • With these knots you will fly the ghost figure to the very end.
  • The wrong side is not very beautiful, but nothing. You can make a lining for baubles and close everything.

Now you know what a straight floss weaving is.