How to weave dreadlocks

You will need
  • - shampoo;
  • - wax;
  • - artificial hair;
  • - gum and clips;
  • - comb;
  • - curlers.
There are many ways to weave dreadlocks, so before you begin to weave hair, determine for yourself what should be the hairstyle.
Braid way "artificial dreadlocks." To do this, collect the strands (one strand from the site about two square centimeters), braid them, and secure the ends with rubber bands. When you finish the procedure of weaving, take one of the strands, remove from it the fixing gum and divide it into three equal strands. Then add artificial hair to each strand (the length of artificial hair should be three times the expected length of dreadlocks). After that, weave your artificial and artificial hair into a pigtail, and fix the tip of this pigtail with an elastic band. When the pigtail is ready, hang the pigtail over the top (from the root to the end) with the hanging end of artificial hair and secure the tip with an elastic band. Then grease the dread with wax.Repeat this procedure with all strands.
Braid dreadlocks with the Twist and Break method. To this end, during the next shampooing with a smooth movement of the hands, perform a "rubbing" of the hair (movements should be only clockwise). When the hair is dry, divide it into separate strands, after which each strand of wax and then roll again with your palms. When weaving dreadlocks with this method, a monthly shampooing is provided with the subsequent execution of the twisting of the dreadlocks. The hairstyle will be ready in four months.
Braid dreadlocks way "twisting with a pin." To do this, divide the hair into many thin strands and fix it with clips. After that, apply wax on your hair and fix the dreadlocks with the help of hairpins in such a way that these “curls” do not unwind. To tighten the dreads, use curlers.