How to wear beret?

Anastasia Pavlova
Anastasia Pavlova
February 12, 2013
How to wear beret?

A beret is a unique thing that has remained fashionable for several decades and is unlikely to ever go out of style. This simple and interesting headdress fits almost all people, it is worn by women and even men. And many people are concerned about the question - how to wear the beret correctly, so that it looks not silly and fashionable

Types of berets and features

Today takes can be not only the classical form. It is completely different in size and shape. Decor and colors also have no restrictions, the main thing is to comply with the fashion trends of the season. In addition, it is sewn from completely different materials: leather, velvet, fur, drape, knitwear, velvet, felt, suede, knit from yarn.

Yes, it takes in its essence - it is a simple headdress, but in reality it only seems. He will look good on his head only if he is properly dressed. In wearing this thing there are special rules, tricks and nuances that depend on the shape of the beret and even on the length of the hair. Therefore, to know how to wear berets is necessary.

What can be worn

This headdress fits almost any type of clothing. Most often it is worn and advised to wear with a coat, jacket, jeans, long cardigan or dress. Do not be afraid to experiment. Surprisingly, an elegant beret can decorate a woman even during a party, if you choose the right one for a thin knit dress or dress with fashionable shorts and a waistcoat.

The most relevant and simple option - takes in combination with a coat, with high-heeled shoes and a skirt. Since such a hat is associated, above all, with a romantic and gentle way. Therefore, if you wear a down jacket and shoes on a flat sole, then the beret will look on your head inappropriate and even silly.

How to wear

How to wear a man takes? Some men like to wear berets, but they don’t know how to wear them properly, so as not to seem ridiculous? The main thing in this business is to choose the correct form of the beret and put it on right by slightly tilting its side, if the headpiece is of a classic cut.


  • Best berets look at women who have a short haircut.
  • When the hair is long, do not diligently hide it.On the contrary hair should be a little let forward. Or a bang should hang out at least.
  • The larger the headgear in volume, the farther it should be from the line of the forehead, that is, it should not be stretched over the forehead.
  • Ugly, if the beret is dressed on one side, when one ear is completely visible.
  • In all cases, it is best to wear it in the following way: it is necessary to move the front part not far away from the forehead and pull the back part to the nape. At the same time, the ears should not stick out, but be either completely closed or partially covered.
  • Before you go out in the new beret it is best to see how to wear the beret. Photo on the Internet is more than enough!