How to use chopsticks

How to use chopsticksHow to use Chinese sticks

In Asian countries, sticks are used instead of knives and forks. By tradition, the sticks are made of wood (although plastic has also recently been used; metal sticks are used only in cooking). Sticks can be both simple and made from special woods and decorated with intricate ornaments.


It is believed that chopsticks first appeared in China, and then this method was adopted by the Japanese. (Oddly enough, the Chinese and the Japanese hold their wands differently.

How to use chopsticks in Japanese: take the lower stick about a third of the length from the top end and place it on the ring finger and on the base of the thumb. The top stick is held in a hand like a pencil. The lower stick remains motionless, and the upper one moves due to the index and middle fingers. Do not hold the sticks very tightly, because “it will be difficult for you to move them.


In China, the sticks are held differently: the lower stick lies on the base of the thumb and on the lower phalanx of the middle finger; the upper stick is clamped between the thumb and forefinger.


In between meals, chopsticks are placed on a special plate or on the main plate.


A few tips that should not be done with chopsticks.


Never wave your chopsticks you are not a conductor.


Do not lick sticks or pin on them.


Never stick chopsticks vertically into rice or soup.


Never hand chopsticks to another person.


And most importantly: if you do not own chopsticks, better ask for a fork and a knife.