How to use CCleaner?

Suppose that you already have CCleaner installed, but how to use it, if your knowledge store does not mention this combination of letters? It will definitely be easier to handle, as this article will help you. So, run the program by double clicking on the shortcut.

How to set up CCleaner

In the window that appears, we are interested in the settings, then we go through the additional tab and return the default settings. Further we agree with everything that the program offers. Do not be afraid, you will not make a mistake. The system is configured in such a way that it will be extremely difficult to spoil something for an unprepared user. In any case, you are strongly recommended to read the pop-up window in the process of work. They display the essence of what will happen next in the system.

The next step is to set the language preferences. If your knowledge of the computer is not extensive, then the rest of the settings, for the sake of system security, should be left as is. Now we press "cleaning". Here we need to remove all sorts of checkmarks from the list of entered addresses and the log of visits. Next, go to the application. We make a similar scheme for other browsers.

How to work in CCleaner

Preparation completed, click on the "analysis". You need to close all active programs, that is, those that are currently running in the system, or the system will ask you to do this. The analysis is completed, here we see the number of MB, which will be cleared. Next, click "cleaning", agree and wait.

The next step in resolving the issue of how to use CCleaner is to clean the registry. Click on the appropriate button. Next, we are interested in "finding problems", click, wait. A list appeared. We start the “fix” function, again we agree with everything. Just in case, the program will ask you to keep the old version of the registry, it is recommended to follow the advice.

If something went wrong, then you can find the saved file of the old registry and restore it by clicking on the icon. In the window that appears, again, we agree with everything that the system offers us. This will restore the old version of your registry.

That's it, you cleaned your registry and hard disk from garbage. It is recommended to carry out this operation once a week or two. This greatly speeds up the computer. The program itself is multifunctional.Consider the remaining opportunities to dispel doubts on the question: how to use the program CCleaner? Run the "Service". In it you will see 4 tabs:

  1. Uninstall. It allows you to get rid of programs installed on your computer. Select the program, click delete, wait. It's simple.
  2. Autoload. Allows you to change the list of programs that boot with WINDOWS when you turn on the computer. Changing the settings is easy. Just check or uncheck the programs you are interested in.
  3. System Restore. Allows you to return absolutely all computer settings to the value of a specific date. The system itself creates restore points as you install or remove programs.
  4. Service. Allows you to erase the disc. Be careful. Read everything several times before the final verdict at this point.

So, now you should not have a question about CCleaner, how to use it. If you do not understand something, then read this article carefully again, and follow all the steps in accordance with the instructions.