How to transfer money via the Internet?

If you need to transfer money via the Internet, you can easily cope with it, because this procedure is not difficult. This can be done from a bank account, provided that the “Internet client” service is connected to it. Money transfer via the Internet can also be made using multiple payment systems. To do this, you and the recipient just need to have e-wallets.

You will need

  • open an account in the bank with the connection of the “Internet client” service or create your own wallet in the selected electronic payment system;
  • beneficiary's account number, as well as details or his e-wallet number (or maybe another identifier depending on the system conditions);
  • access to the Internet;
  • a computer.

Transferring money from a bank account

So, subject to the availability of a bank account and a working Internet client option, you can make a transfer directly to the recipient's account in any of the Russian or foreign banks.Remember that you and the recipient must have an account in one currency. Required details of the addressee: his account number and bank details. If you make a transfer within a country, then most often the name of the bank and the BIC will be sufficient, the rest will be filled by the system itself. But occasionally additional information is needed. If you intend to transfer money abroad, you will need international bank identifiers.

Conveniently, it is possible to copy into the system interface all details of the beneficiary’s bank from its website. The exception will be - the account number. Only the addressee will know him.

You need to enter all the required data, as well as the amount of the transfer. After that, give the command - pay. You may need to enter your ID: password, variable code (the number is suggested by the system, the code is issued to the user on a scratch card, which can be obtained from the bank for the Internet client). Subject to the correct introduction, the money will be immediately debited from the account.

For the transfer service, bank commission will be deducted from the amount of the balance in your account automatically. If the balance does not cover the total expense, the payment will not pass.

Electronic payment systems

In the case of payment through the electronic payment system, first you need to log into your account. Via the interface, give the command to form the transfer of money in favor of another member of the system To make a transfer, enter in the appropriate field a unique e-wallet number or other recipient's identifier (for example, an e-mail address).

Before you transfer money via the Internet, the system usually asks for additional identification: entering a combination of numbers that are suggested on the screen, or your payment password, or another. It depends on the system you are currently on.

In the case when a person who plans to receive money via the Internet, and you, have electronic wallets registered in different payment systems, there are options in which this will not interfere with the implementation of the transfer. Sometimes, it is possible to exchange electronic currency for another, directly in the interface of this system. Or you may need the service of a third-party exchange office for electronic currencies.The interface of your system also helps in its selection.

Using the services of the exchange office, you must enter in the interface the amount of payment, and the number of wallets, as well as other sender and recipient identifiers. Then, it is necessary to perform a series of operations for identification in your system.