How to tie a hat for girls with their own hands

You will need
  • - a few skeins of yarn;
  • - circular and long knitting needles;
  • - scissors.
For children's double caps you need at least 200−300 g of yarn. When buying, consider both the weight of the skein and the length of the thread. The thicker the yarn is, the shorter the length will be. You can knit a girl's hat with your own hands using pink or white yarn.
Proceed to knitting hats, calculating the desired number of loops. Tie a small-sized sample and count the number of loops in one centimeter. Next, measure the circumference of the child's head and multiply the resulting volume by the given number of loops. For example, if the head circumference is 30 centimeters, and in 1 cm you have counted 3 loops, multiply 30 by 4 and get the exact amount for a full-size cap - 90 loops.
Type 40 loops on long needles and tie a thick rubber band around the back of the head, adding one loop on each side in every fourth row. After four additions you should get 48 loops on the needles.Use the circular knitting needles and collect 42 more loops on them. Pass the rubber band around 3 cm, then go to the main pattern.
Use harnesses, braids, English gum or any pattern to your taste. Quite popular and simple is the pattern "English gum." The scheme of his knitting is as follows: knit the first row with facial loops: after making one loop, roll over, then remove the second loop without twisting it, and repeat the report to the end of the row. Knit the second row with purl loops: starting from the nakida, flip the loop from the left knitting needle to the right one and, without knitting, make a nakid and knit it together with the purl.
Tie the subsequent rows, trying to make the product is embossed and fluffy. Knitting for 33 rows and 28 loops has a density of 10x10 centimeters. Knit 14 centimeters with the main pattern, then proceed to the reduction. Knit together every 10th and 11th loops. As soon as no more than 40 loops remain on the needles, you can pull them together.
Type loops in a circle from the inside of the back, at the last row of the elastic, and knit the bottom cap with the faceplate for the same dimensions. Make a pompon by sewing it at the junction of the top and bottom caps.To do this, take a thick paper and fold it in half, drawing two circles from one center. The radius of one should be 10−12 cm, and the other - 4−5 cm. You can add “ears” to the cap: To do this, type 27 loops with the main thread. 4 rows of 1x1 elastic band to the very end, starting to move from the front loop.
Cut a circle without a core. Insert a 20 cm thread into the hole. Wind the yarn tightly around the circle, pull it off with a thread stretched into the middle, and cut along the upper radius, trimming the ends. Now make a tie, a double winter hat for the girl will be ready. You need to wash it in cold water and add a rinse to make the wool softer. Drain the product with a towel, then put it on the bottom and dry it flat.