How to tick Vkontakte?

For some time now, the social network VKontakte has a practice of verifying official communities and pages. A tick in the profile of a famous person or on the company's page means that this account is really real. A tick, for example, marks the official page of Dmitry Medvedev.

In this article we will tell you how to get a tick "VKontakte", although we’ll immediately warn you that it will be difficult to do this if you are not a person at the level of Dmitry Medvedev. Therefore, perhaps you should read other articles that are more relevant for ordinary users in the Social Network section of VKontakte on our website.

Personal page verification

In order to check the box on your page, you need to meet several criteria. You should be a famous person: you can count on verification if they write about you in the media and Wikipedia, and your official accounts are on other popular sites.

On your personal page, cleanliness and order should reign: you yourself or your moderators are obliged to remove incorrect statements and spam.In addition, your page should not be abandoned: put a tick "VKontakte" can only those who periodically write new messages and publish photos. In addition, you must fill out information about yourself. And finally, you should have no more friends than followers.

If you meet all these requirements, contact the administration "VKontakte". They will review your application and tick your page.

Community verification

In addition to personal pages, official communities or groups belonging to well-known companies and organizations can be ticked. To make a checkmark "VKontakte" for your community, you also need to meet a number of criteria.

Your organization should be well-known, flash in the federal media and the Internet, and besides, oddly enough, there should be at least 10 fake communities of your brand in the social network with 5,000 members. It is assumed that otherwise there is no urgent need to tick.

The brand name should appear in the community name, and the entry into the group should be open to everyone.At the same time, the community should be carefully administered and moderated, the texts in it should be of high quality, and publications should be regular.

Pereposty and broadcast from the company’s website via RSS are not welcome, and it is recommended to place links to other social networks in a separate section “Links”. In turn, a link to the community must be placed on the official website of the company or in its other representative office. The wall of the community must be limited or closed. Advertising can only be published through the VKontakte exchange and only five times a week.

If you meet all these conditions and want to get a tick - contact the administration of the social network. Just keep in mind that after verification the community cannot be transferred to another organization without coordination with the social network, and it is completely forbidden to change the subject.