How to teach hair to hairstyle

If before the main and almost the only type of hair was a braid, now the range of women's hairstyles is striking in its versatility.
It should be noted that "combed" and "laid" hair requires a special approach and care.

Hair preparation for hairstyle

At the stage of preparing the hair for the hair, special attention should be paid to the main factors:
- hair type: oily, normal or dry;
- hair volume: thin, sparse or thick.
It is from the above factors will depend on how to adapt hair to hairstyles.
Normal, dry, low-fat and thin hair is recommended to wash on the eve of the planned trip to the salon. This is necessary in order for the hair to dry properly, because when washing it absorbs a large amount of moisture and can dry out completely no earlier than 3 hours after washing. It is also not recommended to go to bed with your head just washed, because during sleep your hair may lie down incorrectly and “wrinkle”, and if the hair is thick, simply do not dry out.Hair dryer can be dried, but preferably volumetric, without separating them. It should be noted that only dry hair can keep hair.
An important approach in the process of hairstyling hair to the hair plays care for them: treatment and restoration. Hair care should be systematically, and not just on the eve of the upcoming "test" of hair.

Proper hair care

To accustom hair to a particular hairstyle, they must be made obedient, and this requires proper care, which consists in simple recommendations.
So, it is worth using shampoos only for your type of hair, whenever possible professional series. After shampooing hair, it is recommended to use a balm or conditioner so that the hair is docile and has a beautiful appearance. When using a hair conditioner, experts recommend applying it from the middle of the hair to the ends, in order to avoid excessive oily hair. It is also necessary to minimize the effect of thermal factors: the use of hair dryers, heated rollers, ploek. For the prevention of suitable systematic use of therapeutic hair masks.Be sure to regularly trim the tips.
The condition and appearance of hair has a significant impact and proper nutrition, rich in vitamins and trace elements necessary for hair growth.
If the upcoming hairstyle is to create beautiful curls, then the use of a mask, balsam or conditioner after washing your hair the day before should be canceled.
It is possible to accustom hair to frequent hairstyles, but it should be remembered that any hairstyle is a thermal effect on the hair, which requires prior care.