How to teach a child to help

Give the child one of the indoor plants (preferably the most unpretentious), or it will be even better if you plant this plant with him. Such a game will help to form a sense of duty and responsibility in the baby. You will need a small flower pot with a tray, a newspaper for bedding, earth, a pretty watering can and, of course, the flower itself. Next you have to handlesbaby�plant a flower that he will water himself. It will be necessary to explain to the baby that this flower belongs only to him, and that he bears full responsibility for him.
Teach your kid the art of table setting. Dedicatebaby�in what is expected to change dishes, what is the number of guests. Then, along with him, get the necessary utensils and cover the table, explaining, in the meantime, the basics of serving etiquette. This game will allow you to grow care for others in the baby.
Let the child wash the dishes himself. Of course, for starters, trust something easier and simpler - plastic plates, aluminum bowls, spoons and the like.At first, you will not turn into dampness in the area adjacent to the sink, which, by the way, will be filled with foam, and the dishwashing liquid will decrease right before your eyes. But over time, it will start getting better!
Trust your daze ironing. Acquaintance with the iron will take place sooner or later, it is better to let it happen under your strict guidance. Show your child this simple process. Then let him try to iron his handkerchiefs, panties and T-shirts. Your guipure and silk blouses are better to hide far away.
Let your child take part in cooking. This is perhaps the most time-consuming process of these, but it also has its own simple points. For example, trust your baby to clean boiled eggs from the shell, rub the carrots. Let the mayonnaise squeeze out of the pack into the salad and mix it. Give him a slice of dough and let his first pie blinded, at least without filling, etc.
Get involvedbaby�and in the repair process. Of course, you should not immediately trust him with a hammer or a drill, but he may well hold some tools and serve you if necessary: screwdrivers, screws, pliers, electrical tape, brushes, etc.